The Sil Screenshots Gallery: Herb of Rage to the rescue! by HugoTheGreat2011

Str        6                                                                                                       
Dex*       7                                                                                                       
Con*       8                                                                                                       
Gra        2                                                                                                       
Exp    1,845                                                                                                       
Health 75:85                                                                                                       
Voice  28:28                                                                                                       
  Aggress 1                                                    ##%%%#%%C                                           
Full                                                                      850 ft                                   
Herb of Rage to the rescue!
And thanks to this [and quick thinking], I killed off about 5+ surrounding Troll guards prior to this screenshot.

Posted on 30.4.2012 00:02

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On 30.4.2012 00:03 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
This also reminds me that I should get Crowd Fighting ASAP.

Seen 530 times.

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