The Chengband Screenshots Gallery: Splatter Woes! by chris

Message Recall (0-34 of 1017)                                                                                         
It was a superb hit!                                                                                                  
You hit Fiona the Sorceress.                                                                                          
It was a *SUPERB* hit!                                                                                                
You hit Fiona the Sorceress.                                                                                          
It was a *GREAT* hit!                                                                                                 
You miss Fiona the Sorceress.                                                                                         
You hit Fiona the Sorceress.                                                                                          
It was a *GREAT* hit!                                                                                                 
You hit Fiona the Sorceress.                                                                                          
Fiona the Sorceress says, 'You should not think me easy to deal with.'                                                
Fiona the Sorceress blinks away.                                                                                      
You hit Fiona the Sorceress.                                                                                          
It was a *GREAT* hit!                                                                                                 
Fiona the Sorceress puts a terrible blood curse on you!                                                               
There is a malignant black aura surrounding Ball-and-Chain 'Iron ball'...                                             
The ground trembles... <x2>                                                                                           
You feel a surge of energy!                                                                                           
Fiona the Sorceress wails out in pain!                                                                                
Fiona the Sorceress is embedded in the rock!                                                                          
Fiona the Sorceress shouts, 'AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!'                                                                        
You have killed Fiona the Sorceress.                                                                                  
The Cherub dies.                                                                                                      
The Cyberdemon flinches. <x2>                                                                                         
The Young multi-hued dragon dies.                                                                                     
You feel something roll beneath your feet.                                                                            
The Cyberdemon is ticked off!                                                                                         
The Cyberdemon flinches.                                                                                              
The 5-headed hydra dies.                                                                                              
Nidhogg the Hel-Drake is ticked off!                                                                                  
Nidhogg the Hel-Drake flinches.                                                                                       
The Cyberdemon fires a rocket.                                                                                        
The Cyberdemon flinches. <x2>                                                                                         
Nidhogg the Hel-Drake flinches.                                                                                       
You have been stunned.                                                                                                
*** LOW HITPOINT WARNING! *** Press Space to continue.                                                                
[Press 'p' for older, 'n' for newer, ..., or ESCAPE]                                                                  
Splatter Woes!
This new ability isn't all sweetness and light. For one thing, it makes farming very difficult. OK, that's no big deal. But here is another example: I kill Fiona, she curses bringing forth 3 Cyberdemons and Nidhogg. Then, the splatter goes off, and ticks off distant newly summoned monsters! Yikes!

Posted on 14.5.2012 01:44

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