The Chengband Screenshots Gallery: First to Fall by chris

Message Recall (0-19 of 1163)                                                  
Auto-destroying an Amulet of Teleportation {unidentified}.                     
You see a Staff of Darkness.                                                   
Auto-destroying a Staff of Darkness.                                           
You see a Mushroom of Disease.                                                 
Auto-destroying a Mushroom of Disease.                                         
You see a Wand of Lightning Balls.                                             
Auto-destroying a Wand of Lightning Balls.                                     
You see a Rod of Acid Balls.                                                   
Auto-destroying a Rod of Acid Balls.                                           
You sense the presence of doors!                                               
You sense the presence of stairs!                                              
You sense the presence of objects!                                             
You sense the presence of monsters!                                            
The Giant fire ant wakes up. <x3>                                              
The Mature red dragon wakes up.                                                
Your weapon roars with thirsty glee!                                           
You hit the Ninja Tonberry.                                                    
It was a *GREAT* hit!                                                          
You have slain the Ninja Tonberry.                                             
You feel something roll beneath your feet.                                     
[Press 'p' for older, 'n' for newer, ..., or ESCAPE]                           
First to Fall
Tonberries aren't so scary after all!

Posted on 14.5.2012 05:41

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