The Chengband Screenshots Gallery: Grond vs Iron Ball by chris

Based on your current abilities, here is what your weapons will do                                                    
  The Mighty Hammer 'Grond'             The Ball-and-Chain 'Iron ball'                                                
  Number of Blows: 3                    Number of Blows: 3                                                            
  To Hit:  0  50 100 150 200 (AC)       To Hit:  0  50 100 150 200 (AC)                                               
          95  91  81  72  62 (%)                95  93  86  79  72 (%)                                                
(Only highest damage applies per monster. Special damage not cumulative.)                                             
  Possible Damage:                      Possible Damage:                                                              
   One Strike: 229-385 damage            One Strike: 157-292 damage                                                   
   One Attack: 687-1155 damage           One Attack: 471-876 damage                                                   
  Force:  Attack: 783-2421 damage       Force:  Attack: 672-2091 damage                                               
  SentientAttack: 900-3942 damage       SentientAttack: 915-3549 damage                                               
  Animals:Attack: 870-3561 damage                                                                                     
  Evil:   Attack: 843-3183 damage                                                                                     
  Human:  Attack: 870-3561 damage                                                                                     
  Undead: Attack: 900-3942 damage                                                                                     
  Demons: Attack: 900-3942 damage                                                                                     
  Orcs:   Attack: 900-3942 damage                                                                                     
  Trolls: Attack: 900-3942 damage                                                                                     
  Dragons:Attack: 1017-5463 damage                                                                                    
 ESC) Exit building                                  Gold Remaining:  1537105                                         
Grond vs Iron Ball
13d13 vs 27d6. Hmmm ... Grond gets the edge, but the Anti-magic probably tips things back to the Iron Ball which is plenty powerful. You can almost double these numbers to accurately account for critical hits.

Posted on 14.5.2012 18:13

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