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Examining The Glaive 'Moron' (2d6) (+26,+15)...                               
Polearms are melee weapons.                                                   
This is a polearm. A polearm with a long, slightly curved knife-like blade.   
It has spurs on the dull side of the blade. It's primarily a slashing and     
chopping weapon. Glaives are often used to protect archers, crossbowmen, and  
gunners while they reload. Outside of combat they are a popular processional  
weapon and therefore many have ornately carved blades.                        
It can be wielded two-handed.  It provides light (radius 1) forever.  It does 
extra damage from fire.  It produces chaotic effects.  It drains life from    
your foes.  It strikes at undead with holy wrath.  It is especially deadly    
against natural creatures.  It has been blessed by the gods.  It cannot be    
harmed by acid, cold, lightning or fire.                                      
Using it you would have 1 blows and do an average damage per turn of 0        
against animals, 0 against undead, 0 against non fire resistant creatures, 0  
against fire susceptible creatures, 0 against other monsters.                 
                                                     Gold Remaining:     2652 
You may:          g) Get share of stolen gold (closed)                        
 ESC) Exit.       s) Sell an item               p) Purchase an item           
                  x) Examine an item            Z) Steal an item              
Does the weapon reflect the wielder?
If so, I think I'll pass on wielding that one, and not only due to the fact that I was playing a Haftedmaster...

Posted on 23.3.2003 03:42

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