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   Please select your character from the menu below.                           
   Use the movement keys to scroll the menu, 'enter' to select the current     
   menu item, '*' for a random menu item, 'ESC' to restart the character       
   selection, '=' for the birth options, '?' for help, or 'Ctrl-X' to quit.    
   Your 'style' determines under what circumstances you get extra bonuses.     
a) Female   a) Human       a) Warrior   a) None           Str: +5              
b) Male     b) Half-Elf    b) Mage      b) Unarmed        Int: -2              
            c) Elf         c) Priest    c) One-handed     Wis: -2              
            d) Hobbit      d) Rogue     d) Two-handed     Dex: +2              
            e) Gnome       e) Ranger    e) Weapon & shieldCon: +2              
            f) Dwarf       f) Paladin   f) Two-weapon     Chr: -1              
            g) Half-Orc    g) Thief     g) Hafted weapons Hit die: 19          
            h) Half-Troll  h) Archer    h) Swords         Experience: 110%     
            i) Dunadan     i) Shaman    i) Polearms                            
            j) High-Elf    j) Bard      j) Thrown weapons                      
            k) Kobold                   k) Bows                                
                                        l) Rings                               
                                        m) Slay Orcs                           
                                        n) Slay Trolls                         
Character Creation Screen
Character generation screen from Unangband. This uses the ^] (Ctrl-right bracket) command in the Unangband CVS (Also 0.5.2 when released) to generate a HTML screen shot from any point that Unangband is waiting for character input.

Posted on 6.5.2002 07:15


On 9.11.2010 06:31 Adley wrote:
Does this still work in current version? it sounds awesome.

Seen 2749 times.

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