The Sil Screenshots Gallery: sia(throne room fight) by wobbly

Str*       7                                                                         
Dex*       6                                                                         
Con*      11                                                                         
Gra*       6                                                                         
Exp      804                                   :                                     
Hth   56:148                                 :..-]#.                                 
Voice   8:59                                   #.@^%                                 
  Aggress 9                                                                          
Slaying +15                                                                          
Gorged                                                  Fast            1000 ft      
sia(throne room fight)
This is the 1 situation strength in adversary is useful. Enough con to fight Morgoth at 1/2 hp. +1 grace for 20 will

Posted on 5.2.2017 12:50

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