The UnAngband Screenshots Gallery: UnAngband, Bug #1 by MITZE

(Inven: a-w, ESC) Examine which item?                                          
These Magic Books     a) (nothing)                                       0.0 lb
When thrown, it do    b) (nothing)                                     -31760.0
They were bought i    c) (nothing)                                     -31340.0
                      d) (nothing)                                     -50080.0
                      e) (nothing)                                      -4.0 lb
                      f) (nothing)                                     29400.0 
                      g) (nothing)                                     -29768.0
                      h) (nothing)                                     -48408.0
                      i) a Mushroom of Mana                              0.1 lb
                      j) (nothing)                                       0.0 lb
                      k) (nothing)                                       0.0 lb
                      l) (nothing)                                       0.0 lb
                      m) a Mushroom of Restore Dexterity and Agility     0.1 lb
                      t) (QUIVER - 0 missiles)                                 
                      u) (BAG CONTENTS)                                        
                      v) (STUDIED - Tricks)                                    
                      w) (STUDIED - Misdirection)                              
                    v) (STUDIED - Tricks)                                      
                    w) (STUDIED - Misdirection)                                
UnAngband, Bug #1

Posted on 2.3.2017 09:53


On 2.3.2017 20:03 emulord wrote:
Initialize your variables yo!

Seen 290 times.

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