The Sil Screenshots Gallery: _Foes sometimes makes me never want to step outside by protopulse

Str        3                                                                    
Dex        3                                                                    
Con        5                                                                    
Gra        3                                                                    
Exp   10,056                                                      s             
Health 49:49                                                                 T  
Voice  34:34                                                                 T  
   (+15,3d8)                   ####%#####                                       
    (+3,2d8)         H            +@..<.+                                       
  [+13,6-17]   ...    '   v     # %######                                       
                W           @                                                   
                    W                          W                                
              |     s W                                                         
                        C C |                                                   
                                                                         700 ft 
_Foes sometimes makes me never want to step outside

Posted on 17.4.2017 04:06

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On 17.4.2017 04:10 protopulse wrote:
Can't I just camp here for a little longer? I don't want to get within 10 feet of that creeping horror. Or Delthaur (who's slightly off camera but to the right of that pair of cave trolls). Or any of those werewolves without resist Poison!

On 17.4.2017 04:11 protopulse wrote:
I think I died so many times here that I'm just a bit traumatized.

On 17.4.2017 04:12 protopulse wrote:
Oh, and happy easter guys.

On 17.4.2017 05:21 MITZE wrote:
For a minute I thought this was an Etrian Odyssey reference. (

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