The Sil Screenshots Gallery: Worst spawn in recent memory by protopulse

Str        3                                                                    
Dex        3                                                                    
Con        5                                                                    
Gra        3                                                                    
Exp    1,002                                                                    
Health 47:49                                                                    
Voice  34:34                                                                    
                                   %%o%% #########                              
   (+11,2d9)                       %.o.' W@.     ' !                            
    (+5,2d7)           TT          .oo.% %########                              
  [+15,5-14]           .#                                                       
                                                                         400 ft 
Worst spawn in recent memory

Posted on 5.5.2017 20:01

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On 5.5.2017 20:04 protopulse wrote:
So I spawned on this level with doors to left and right of me. Picked right first, and found it packed with orcs led by an orc captain, some wargs, and a twisted bat. It was then that a troll opened up the door to the left and revealed another pack of orcs and a tattered wight. Not wanting to get slowed, I decided to take out the wights first. I know the enemies to the right won't start trying to converge on me until I step onto the square next to the wight, so I had some time to take it out.

I could have abandoned the level, but the dexterity potion to the right there made me change my mind. And if I wasn't a Noldor, I probably would've paid a much heftier price for staying than the 1 orcish liquor I had to burn.

On 6.5.2017 02:35 protopulse wrote:
FYI, I had some will so it wasn't a totally awful idea to melee the wight. If I shot arrows at the wight instead, I may have gotten slowed or taken attacks of opportunity.

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