The PosChengband Screenshots Gallery: ture deph for angel1 by JohnCW9

                PosChengband Hall of Fame                                                 
  1.        1  Munchkin Demeter the Demigod Priest, Level 20                              
               Killed by starvation on the surface                                        
               (User 0, Date 2019-05-05, Gold 7848593, Turn 531890).                      
  2.        1  Munchkin Demeter the Demigod Priest, Level 13                              
               Killed by a Mad bear on the surface                                        
               (User 0, Date 2019-05-08, Gold 9790626, Turn 131980).                      
  3.        1  Munchkin Angel1 the Angel Monster, Level 33                                
               Killed by a Juggernaut of Khorne on Dungeon Level 38                       
               (User 0, Date 2019-05-18, Gold 4641303, Turn 1487460).                     
  4.        1  Munchkin Angel2 the Angel Monster, Level 14                                
               Killed by nobody (yet!) on Dungeon Level 8                                 
               (User 0, Date TODAY, Gold 7098903, Turn 212913).                           
                 [Press ESC to quit, any other key to continue.]                          
ture deph for angel1

Posted on 19.5.2019 23:37

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Angel1, L32 Angel Monster


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