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Name    : Great Wyrm of Power (D)
Level   : 90        Speed: +20
AC      : 111       Alert: Overlooks (200')
HP      : 12321     Type : Good, Dragon
Resist  : Acid, Electricity, Fire, Cold, Poison, Light, Dark, Nether, 
            Nexus, Sound, Shards, Chaos, Disenchantment, Time, 
            Teleportation, Plasma, Force, Gravity
Immune  : Confusion, Sleep

Spells  : 20.00% 
Breathe : Acid (252), Lightning (450), Fire (450), Frost (450), Poison 
            (367), Light (280), Darkness (400), Confusion (240), Nether 
            (330), Nexus (150), Sound (450), Shards (500), Chaos (600), 
            Disenchantment (350), Time (150), Mana (250), Gravity 
            (200), Inertia (250), Plasma (250), Force (200), Toxic 
            Waste (367), Disintegration (150)
Summon  : Dragons, Ancient Dragons, Kin

Attacks : Type    Effects
          Crush   Hurt (5d12), Plasma (3d12,80%), Gravity (3d12,20%)
          Crush   Hurt (5d12), Chaos (3d12,90%), Nexus (3d12,10%)
          Crush   Hurt (5d12), Disenchantment (3d12,50%), Darkness 
          Crush   Hurt (7d18), Sound (3d18,50%), Shards (3d18,50%)

Info    : Reflection, Shining, Suitable for Riding
Auras   : Fear, Light (3d3), Darkness (3d3), Shards (3d3)

Kills   : 0
Exp     : 232k at CL29
Drops   : Up to 18 Exceptional Objects

The mightiest of all dragonkind, a great wyrm of power is seldom 
encountered in our world. It can crush stars with its might.

GWOP monster memory

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