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The Potion 'Alalinde'                                                          
Potions are magical liquids.  Some of them are beneficial...some not.          
This potion was made to help people with bad sleeping disorders to find rest.  
Surely you don't want to take a nap while nasty goblins are searching for you? 
It cannot be harmed by acid, cold, lightning or fire.                          
EXP 14658415                                                                   
AU    843666       5                                                           
                                  +  4                                         
STR!  18/***                                                               
INT!   18/80                                   +                         
WIS!  18/150                                                          
DEX!  18/180                           8                            
CON!  18/***                                                       
CHR!  18/140       2                   @                            
Cur AC   205                      1  +                        
HP 1199/1199                   7+                            
SN  630/ 630               3                               
SP  240/ 240                                             
Pt     88927                                      
                                                 Fast (+46)              Bree  

A potion of 'Nightcap' ?!
Okay, Is the RNG trying to tell me to catch up on some Z's?! Do I have bags under my eyes? Am I on the edge of delerium? Must be all that damn coffee! If I manage to bring Morgoth to his knees, I will then drink this potion in honor of all the insomnia driven nights of playing T.O.M.E. In truth, I'm also a little scared of quaffing it. I think I'll mix it with some hallucination mushrooms to dilute the possible harmful effects.. heh heh heh Has anyone else come across this?

Posted on 14.11.2004 01:07

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On 14.11.2004 12:44 wrote:
I have also found an artifact potion of sleep once. They seem to be a likely result from a "something special" fate for level 1. That fate is buggy.

Seen 2490 times.

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