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The Long Bow of Parzival (x4) (+10,+17) (+4 to speed) {SpWiChSl;PoCfDi;XmBs}                      
Hobbit              Item Attributes:                                                              
Baron          As tall as a man, the longbow can drive an arrow through the                       
LEVEL     39   heaviest armour.                                                                   
EXP  1120301   It affects your wisdom.                                                            
AU    423975   It affects your charisma.                                                          
   It affects your stealth.                                                           
STR :  18/72   It affects your speed.                                                             
INT :  18/31   It provides resistance to poison.                                                  
WIS :  18/80   It provides resistance to confusion.                                               
DEX : 18/215   It provides resistance to disenchantment.                                          
CON : 18/192   It fires missiles with extra might.                                                
CHR :  18/82   It has been blessed by the gods.                                                   
Cur AC   125   It cannot be harmed by the elements.                                               
HP  755/ 755   [Press any key to continue]                                                        
Day 26  8:54                                                                                      
Better than Bard!!!
Wow, I think I actually found a bow upgrade!!! I just assumed I'd be using Bard for the rest of the game ...

Posted on 17.7.2005 16:48

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On 17.7.2005 21:37 wrote:
That's one nice bow! My Archer winner (who was "lucky") found an upgrade for Bard as well, but it wasn't anywhere near as good as that. The main thing was that it was both (x4) AND gave extra shots, which was nice. It also activated for telepathy, which would have rocked except that he already had the cloak of jack of shadows.

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