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The Dark Sword 'Mormegil' (E:3781143, L:42) (6d7) (+30,+11) [-20] (+5 to speed)        
Swords are melee weapons.                                                              
A strange, very sharp long sword, which seems to drain light from its surroundings. As 
you wield it, you feel much less attuned to magic.                                     
A foul, twisted sword with blackened spines and knobs, whose very name is a curse upon 
the lips of Elves and Men.                                                             
It is sentient and can have access to the realms of Cold, Lightning, Poison,           
Antimagic.  It generates an antimagic field.  It increases your speed and attack speed 
by 5.  It does extra damage from electricity and fire.  It poisons your foes.  It is   
especially deadly against dragons.  It strikes at demons with holy wrath.  It fights   
against evil with holy fury.  It provides immunity to fire.  It makes you completely   
fearless.  It provides resistance to electricity, fire, chaos and disenchantment.  It  
slows your metabolism.  It produces an electric sheath.  It drains mana, life and      
experience.  It induces random teleportation.  It aggravates nearby creatures.  It     
carries an ancient foul curse.  It cannot be harmed by acid, cold, lightning or fire.  
Using it you would have 15 blows and do an average damage per turn of 2040 against     
evil creatures, 2400 against dragons, 2400 against demons, 2400 against non fire       
resistant creatures, 3480 against fire susceptible creatures, 2400 against non         
lightning resistant creatures, 3480 against lightning susceptible creatures, 2400      
against non poison resistant creatures, 3480 against poison susceptible creatures,     
1680 against other monsters.                                                           
You found it lying in a vault on level 62 of Erebor.                                   
                                DTrap            Fast (+31)                     Ere 71 

THAT'S a Mormegil
Umm...just, no. Any players of ToME will weep when they see what realm Mormegil just got access to. There has been some rumor that you cannot access the highest realms for sentient weapons. This is only true if the RNG doesn't love you like it loves me. Believe me that I'll be posting this everywhere I get the chance. I've hit the sentient weapon lottery!

Posted on 22.7.2005 18:11

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On 22.7.2005 18:21 wrote:
O_O ANTIMAGIC!? OMG! Wow... if you get the +HP special ability..

On 22.7.2005 19:03 wrote:
Neat! I've read about the anti-magic realm in the spoilers, but I've never actually seen a sentient weapon get access to it. Good luck!

On 22.7.2005 19:36 wrote:
But with only 8 xp levels to go, and 4 realms to choose from, your odds of getting an interesting power are very low :( Of course if you get super-lucky and get Life, it will be +100%...

On 22.7.2005 20:38 wrote:
Considering the luck involved in just getting Antimagic, I expect to get Add Life, Extra Blows, Vampiric brand, a boost to my Antimagic field, and then die horribly as my RNG karma comes back around.

On 22.7.2005 21:24 wrote:
You already have Extra Blows ^^ (comes standard with Mormegil)

On 22.7.2005 21:47 wrote:
I was under the impression that if I got extra blows on top of the natural extra blows Mormegil comes with, then the pval would go up. Not that a pval of 6 or 7 is anything short of broken.

On 22.7.2005 21:54 wrote:
Good question. You obviously can't get, say fire brand, twice, but getting a something like extra blows on top of already having it... I dunno if its doable or not. Anyone feel like code-diving?

However, your odds of getting an anti-magic power, while not great, aren't THAT bad. You've only got 4 realms, and you've already got a bunch of the powers in each of the other realms already. Earthquake, cold brand, rCold, and rPoison are the obvious ones still to get, but that's really not very many.

On 22.7.2005 22:30 wrote:
Heh. This is a pretty long conversation for just a screen shot. I see I've sparked some envy, as I had hoped. Excellent... :P

Earthquake is Acid/Earth/Chaos realm, so I won't be getting that. Cold brand seems like a mortal lock, but I'm hoping to dodge the resists. I tend to get AddCharisma from Poison realm quite often, so that's something to worry about. My real hope is that I get Vampiric--I have double the odds now with both Poison and Antimagic. Vampiric is pretty much all I could reasonably ask for. Add Life...that would just break the game.

Not that I'd mind. ;)

On 22.7.2005 22:34 wrote:
Hmm, I thought Poison had Earthquake, too. Guess not. If you get +CHR, will that just give you a +5 CHR, or will it further boost the bonus?

On 22.7.2005 23:21 wrote:
You can't get the same flag twice (the code checks until it finds one you don't have). It will keep trying for quite a while to get a flag you don't have in the realm it has selected. If it doesn't work, if tries a different realm.

Pval never goes past 5. So +5 CHR is what he'll get.

On 22.7.2005 23:35 wrote:
Jules are you saying that pval never goes past 5 for any item ever? Meaning a scroll of craftsmanship would not take it to 6? Or do you just mean that sentients dont get above 5 through their normal protocol?

On 23.7.2005 01:30 wrote:
No, he means for Sentient Weapons. I've gotten +7 with Craftsmanship on normal artifacts, but it doesn't work on Sentient weapons.

I've played with some Hexediting, and AFAIK, the program checks periodically to make sure pval of sentient weapons isn't above 5. (i.e. I set the pval to like 12, and it works for a while, but then it gets kicked down to 5). Unfortunately, I think this affects ?oCraftsmanship on Sentient weapons too.

On 23.7.2005 15:31 wrote:
So, how bad is the "ancient foul curse" in practice? I've never used any item with that flag in ToME before, because it sounded much too frightening. (Aggravation is already bad enough.)

On 23.7.2005 15:58 wrote:
You can read some of my comments about this in the linked dump. AFC is a minor nuisance only--although it did kill me once in a wildly unfair way. I use Gorlim and Mormegil, and the only thing you have to watch out for is the life drain--it's a huge amount, so you have to bring ! along. The sword makes you so powerful that the AFC summons (like aggravation, but even better!) are just a convenient source of xp and drops, while the paralysis is never long enough to kill a Clvl 50. AFC is not a good reason to avoid Mormegil at all, in my opinion.

Seen 1930 times.

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