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Message Recall (0-19 of 649), Offset 0                                            
Buying a Potion of Restore Life Levels (f).                                       
You quickly agree upon the price.                                                 
You bought a Potion of Restore Life Levels for 510 gold.                          
You have a Potion of Restore Life Levels (h).                                     
You have no more Potions of Restore Life Levels.                                  
You feel your life energies returning.                                            
Welcome to level 32.                                                              
The voice of Hionhurn thunders:                                                   
'Die, mortal!'                                                                    
Space warps about you!                                                            
You feel a surge of energy!                                                       
You feel sickly for a moment, but the feeling passes.                             
A terrible black aura tries to surround your weapon, but your Dagger of Caine     
 (2d4) (+10,+15) [+5] (+4) {DxSlSr;Dk;ThFaSi|P/*poT(Dx} resists the effects!      
The Green glutton ghost misses you. <x2>                                          
You hit the Green glutton ghost.                                                  
You have destroyed the Green glutton ghost.                                       
You collect 17 gold pieces worth of copper.                                       
Screen dump loaded.                                                               
[Press 'p' for older, 'n' for newer, ..., or ESCAPE]                              
Demon Patron Wrath
Phew, that was close; I guess demon patrons give and demon patrons take away (or try to). Demon patrons, chardros especially, are sooo useful for stat gains at least.

Posted on 15.8.2005 19:23

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On 16.8.2005 01:38 wrote:
Looks like you got lucky with that one, but I think that 'surge of energy' was the ancient foul curse, which is pretty nasty, so be careful of that.

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