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Examining The Ring of Lindor (-7 to speed) {cursed}...                                 
Rings are fine pieces of jewelry, usually imbued with arcane magics.                   
This ring protects you from the horribly warping forces of chaos.                      
It decreases your wisdom, speed and attack speed by 7.  It provides resistance to      
fire, confusion and chaos.  It prevents teleportation.  It aggravates nearby           
creatures.  It is heavily cursed.  It cannot be harmed by acid, cold, lightning or     
You found it in the remains of a Mature green dragon on level 123 of Angband.          
c)  The Amulet 'Moron' (+3)                                          0.3 lb           
d)  The Augmented Chain Mail of Denen (+1 to accuracy) [16,+15] {cu 27.0 lb           
e)  The Ribbed Plate Armour of Elwin (-1 to accuracy) [28,+11] {cur 38.0 lb           
f)  The Wolf Pelt 'Arnie' [1,+9]                                     3.0 lb           
g)  The Dragon Helm of Erelendor [8,+21]                             5.0 lb           
h)  The Set of Cesti of Drinos (+3 to accuracy) [5,+7]               4.0 lb           
i)  The Pair of Soft Leather Boots 'Dairi' [2,+9]                    2.0 lb           
j)  The Slaughter Axe 'Pelwareth' (5d7) (+19,+19)                   30.0 lb           
k)  The Short Bow 'Raurthie' (x0) (+16,+16) (-2) {cursed}            3.0 lb           
l)  The Bolt 'Cirma' (1d5) (+20,+20) (+1)                            0.3 lb           
                                                     Gold Remaining:  3304908          
You may:                                                                               
 ESC) Exit.       d) Donate an item                                                    
 SPACE) Next page x) Examine an item                                                   

Dueling Bad Randart
This may start a slew of randart screenies, but here's my idea of a "gee, thanks RNG" item. I've had this in Mathom for a while now, and every time I remember it I grind my teeth and swear.

Posted on 16.8.2005 00:17

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Zilannx, L50 Half-Ogre Unbeliever


On 16.8.2005 00:28 wrote:
hehe, nice. much worse minuses, but doesnt have the curses:) i think u'rs is all in all worse..umm..i mean "better", sorry RNG

On 16.8.2005 02:52 wrote:
At least you could still cast spells. And it isn't permacursed; I've had worse (in CthangBand)

On 16.8.2005 15:53 wrote:
-7 to attack speed is pretty nifty. That unbeliever of yours picked up some of the most remarkable randarts I've ever seen.

On 16.8.2005 16:24 wrote:
Yeah, he found some crazy stuff. Before I dove the Void I made a backup of the save file so I could reload it and tinker if I felt like it--no dumps, of course, but maybe a screenie if I find something bizarro. Did you see my -80% life armor? It should still be in one of my homes...

On 21.8.2005 18:45 wrote:
I think The Dwarf Skeleton 'Oharon' I found on level 1 of Barrow Downs is crapper than both of those?

On 19.11.2005 11:58 wrote:
Painful, painful artifact. But it could be worse: look at slot c... it could have a name like "The Amulet 'Moron'"!

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