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          Footsore the Lucky (Beastman)           Black Market (30000)                            
   Item Description (Page 1)                                Weight      Price                     
a) ! a Potion of Constitution                                  0.4     108240                     
b) - a Wand of Teleport Other (8 charges)                      1.0       1680                     
c) - 4 Wands of Polymorph (44 charges)                         1.0       1970                     
d) _ 6 Staffs of Speed (6x 8 charges)                          5.0       5412                     
e) = a Ring of Sustain Intelligence                            0.2       2164                     
f) " an Amulet of Magic Device Mastery (+2)                    0.3       4329                     
g) [ Splint Mail (-2) [19,+4]                                 25.0       6133                     
h) ( a Filthy Rag [1,+2] {25% off}                             2.0        544                     
i) ] a Pair of Hard Leather Boots [3,+6]                       4.0       2207                     
j) | a Short Sword (1d7) (+6,+6)                               8.0       4654                     
k) | a Two-Handed Sword (3d6) (+4,+7)                         20.0       6765                     
l) } a Short Bow of Extra Shots (x2) (+8,+14) {25% off}        3.0      33150                     
                                                     Gold Remaining:   123662                     
You may:                                                                                          
 ESC) Exit from Building.     p) Purchase an item.      i/e) Inventry/Equipment list              
 -) Previous page             s) Sell an item.          w/t) Wear/Take off equipment              
 SPACE) Next page             x) eXamine an item in the shop                                      
Apologies to DZhang
Sorry, but theres another 6 staves of speed... :-) I think I'll pass on the !CON though, as I really need DEX ...

Posted on 27.8.2005 01:58

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On 27.8.2005 02:20 wrote:
I would be more upset, but I just found Brand's Crossbow. ^^

On 27.8.2005 02:27 wrote:
I just saw that ... I guess I'm a bit too late to taunt ;-P And I never get the XBow from Brand. I think he is a 25% drop, or perhaps lower. Brand can also drop Werewindle, so I have a hunch the crossbow might be rarer than 25%.

Congratulations, BTW. Perhaps you no longer need the Cloak of the Bat? Or I guess Darkness resistance warrants it.

Also, I see you have a unbelievable +119 to damage. How many Improve forces did you use? I find at CL34 that 4 is becoming more doable, but I only get near +50 or so ...

On 27.8.2005 02:29 wrote:
That was 8 Improve Forces in a row :-)
I failed numerous times before getting it. Basically it's my entire SP clips. Thoughts on end-game dump, if I beat the Serpent: Quaff lots of !oRestoreMana to get up something like 15 Improves, and put the Berserkers to shame. ^^

On 27.8.2005 02:36 wrote:
Oh, on Brand's Crossbow... I've gotten it about 3 out of 5 times (Yes on Rei, Aynda, and Dave. No on Wey and Wytham. N/A (i.e. already found) on SingedDream)

Hm... it's probably be a bit worse than that, if I toss in all the previous iterations of each character that died--I guess a sort of self-selection, since once you get Brand, the game becomes much much easier.

On 27.8.2005 03:11 wrote:
Oh, and still can't dispense of Cloak, because it *still* is my own source of SeeInvis...

Seen 1515 times.

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