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The Robe 'Stonecold' [2,+19] (+4)                                                                                      
                    Item Attributes:                                                                                   
               A practical garment of thick wool or velvet, draping from                                               
          Aru  neck to heels.                                                                                          
               It affects your strength.                                                                               
   Item Descr  It affects your wisdom.                                                                                 
a) ? a Crusad  It affects your constitution.                                                                           
b) [ Metal Sc  It affects your charisma.                                                                               
c) ( The Robe  It sustains your strength.                                                                              
d) ) a Small   It provides resistance to fire.                                                                         
e) ] a Golden  It provides resistance to light.                                                                        
f) ] an Iron   It provides resistance to confusion.                                                                    
g) | a Dagger  It prevents teleportation.                                                                              
h) / a Broad   It cannot be harmed by the elements.                                                                    
i) / a Battle  [Press any key to continue]                                                                             
You may:                                                                                                               
 ESC) Exit fr                                                                                                          
Cold, RNG. Very cold.
So I'm walking through Angwil and bump off a novice priest, who drops a robe. Its worth a whopping 3 au, so I certainly don't ID it, and being too lazy to walk to the armor shop, I sell it at the BM figuring I'll get maybe 2 au instead of 3. To my great surprise, turns out its not a normal robe. Its not only a randart robe, but a pretty darn good one, though preventing teleport probably would have eventually gotten him killed. Very cold of you to tease a struggling character with something like that RNG. Very cold.

Posted on 30.8.2005 20:25

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On 30.8.2005 20:44 wrote:
Ouch. That is pretty nasty. Just consider it a down payment on future good fortune.

On 31.8.2005 01:55 wrote:
Lol, that reminds me of the time I started up a Berserker. Being illiterate, he sells all the scrolls he finds for small chump change, but imagine his surprise when one of them turned out to be Artifact Creation!

Again, can't use it, but RNG is very evil...

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