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The Dagger 'Rotten Child' (2d4) (+15,+19) [+7] {|VS,Tengu Quest - Chlvl 17, Vampiri
Golem               Item Attributes:                                               
Rage Prince    A two-edged knife with a sharp point.                               
LEVEL     18   It drains life from your foes.                                      
EXP      875   It is very sharp and can cut your foes.                             
AU     15002   It cannot be harmed by the elements.                                
||}=="~[ ]]]   [Press any key to continue]                                         
STR : 18/110                                                                       
INT :      3                                                                       
WIS :      3                                                                       
DEX :  18/46                                                                       
CON :  18/90                                                                       
CHR :      8                                                                       
Cur AC    76                                                                       
HP  476/ 476                                                                       
Day  2 15:36                                                                       
Randart Dagger gained from Tengu Quest
I think this is a nice dagger for a Zerk to get early (hell I think it's a nice dagger for most anyone). "Slash Slash" Watch him die quickly to the Dark Elven Lords quest at chlvl 18 - lol

Posted on 21.11.2005 15:43

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