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10038 townChengband1.12.2011 18:01Roch233
20066 townChengband1.12.2011 18:04Roch394
31461 damage Magic RocketChengband23.6.2011 07:49kingvictory2003530
468 blows in 1 round!Chengband6.5.2012 00:14dzhang453
59-headed hydra invades land...Run!Chengband18.12.2011 04:26HugoTheGreat2011@yahoo.com239
6A Great Discovery!Chengband17.11.2010 03:44chris253
7A Matter of TimeChengband10.4.2012 14:16chris353
8A Superb FeelingChengband31.10.2011 21:18finanfiniras@gmail.com564
9A-mazedChengband29.8.2012 10:34Roch248
10All Walled Up ...Chengband6.8.2011 22:45chris505
11Almost Got Me!!Chengband6.12.2010 01:17chris407
12Amazing Randart PhialChengband19.12.2010 04:35kingvictory2003635
13Another Pet?Chengband17.11.2010 05:58chris276
14Babble instakill!Chengband22.3.2012 11:16finanfiniras@gmail.com335
15Bargain of a LifetimeChengband1.5.2012 14:44chris381
16Battle of Thieves!Chengband29.8.2012 17:59chris345
17Because a Single Morgoth is Never Enough!Chengband14.5.2012 18:10chris490
18Before detecting monsterChengband21.8.2011 13:36Arjen595
19Best Setup *EVER*Chengband5.3.2012 23:31chris428
20Blood CursesChengband1.7.2013 02:18clouded273
21Bloody DestructionChengband26.11.2010 15:30chris334
22Born to be a duelistChengband21.11.2010 01:31dzhang@its.caltech.edu359
23Chased by a Water Troll on land! (SPOILER)Chengband18.12.2011 03:23HugoTheGreat2011@yahoo.com242
24Cleanup on aisle 5!Chengband10.8.2011 22:05finanfiniras@gmail.com475
25Clubbing EffectsChengband8.8.2011 04:15chris530
26Death by dinosaurChengband18.5.2012 06:31Therem Harth430
27Deforestation?Chengband28.11.2011 01:39chris368
28Devilish TacticsChengband1.5.2012 20:58chris302
29Diamond Edge Artifact CreationChengband20.8.2011 21:45kingvictory2003617
30Dragon SlayerChengband13.12.2011 21:35chris300
31Drolem!Chengband15.12.2010 01:28chris321
32Early Dragon's Lair WoesChengband5.3.2012 15:57chris336
33Early Wild PowersChengband28.11.2010 22:31chris392
34EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKChengband13.7.2011 01:59chris633
35Ewwww ... I hate spidersChengband23.6.2011 05:25chris489
36Explosive PitChengband13.8.2012 19:54finanfiniras@gmail.com282
37Finest Heavy Lance Artifact CreationChengband8.9.2011 08:41kingvictory2003658
38First to FallChengband14.5.2012 05:41chris411
39Found the ProblemChengband23.12.2011 02:46chris422
40Found the source of LawChengband27.6.2013 16:43Arjen227
41From level 48 to 50 with one kill :)Chengband7.3.2012 00:26kingvictory2003412
42Great Ice Wyrms!!!Chengband19.4.2012 14:25chris291
43Great Wyrm of Wallhax * 95Chengband13.9.2011 22:09finanfiniras@gmail.com724
44Greedy or Stupid?Chengband19.5.2012 02:14chris494
45Grond vs Iron BallChengband14.5.2012 18:13chris456
46Hallucination? Or Booze?Chengband30.11.2010 21:25chris431
47Hell's armoryChengband19.8.2011 12:38finanfiniras@gmail.com599
48Hellish VictoryChengband1.5.2012 21:15chris467
49Horrible Visions of DeathChengband29.7.2012 19:27chris363
50How to Kill 23 Venom WyrmsChengband20.6.2012 02:16chris481

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