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201I'm unstoppable!ToME11.9.2010 22:37Phoenix21692373
202Closing in on the Necromancer of Dol GuldurToME11.9.2010 22:35Phoenix21692513
203Ruling over the Sacred LandToME11.9.2010 07:44Phoenix21692311
204I win, Trolls lose...ToME11.9.2010 03:11Phoenix21692346
205Taking on Gondolin TrollsToME11.9.2010 02:58Phoenix21692327
206This means warToME8.9.2010 03:29Phoenix21692577
207Leviathan washed ashoreToME8.9.2010 02:34Phoenix21692353
208Eol drops Ringil!ToME7.9.2010 00:44Phoenix21692586
209...and nothing happens?ToME6.9.2010 22:35Phoenix21692438
210Touch at your peril...ToME6.9.2010 21:49Phoenix21692390
211Ok, I'm not in the summoning business anymore...ToME2.9.2010 14:12Zosite464
212I just *love* the RNGToME2.9.2010 14:01Zosite626
213Now is when I rent a barrel and...ToME2.9.2010 13:57Zosite568
214No escapeToME28.7.2010 02:50Phoenix21692903
215Back to showbizToME28.7.2010 02:26Phoenix21692674
216Found a Way Out!ToME28.7.2010 02:13Phoenix21692634
217More exploration and still not done...ToME27.7.2010 03:06Phoenix21692584
218Stairs blocked out!ToME27.7.2010 01:33Phoenix21692642
219Guess who won (and who lost)?ToME19.7.2010 01:27Phoenix21692481
220Alert! Lvl 77 leviathan up ahead...ToME19.7.2010 01:12Phoenix21692522
221Orcs in a blenderToME3.7.2010 02:06Therem Harth759
222Inresting AmuletToME9.4.2010 01:21WatchmanJ@aol.com957
223The Bard arrow (Furyband)ToME24.2.2010 23:57JohnCW9787
224Bad jumpgate (BDw 3)ToME6.2.2010 03:06xkernigh@netscape.net791
225Battle and jumpgate (BDw 2)ToME5.2.2010 06:43xkernigh@netscape.net778
226Stuck in the dungeon forever? (BDw 3)ToME4.2.2010 00:46xkernigh@netscape.net1009
227Bypass (BDw 2)ToME4.2.2010 00:42xkernigh@netscape.net799
228ironman_rooms (BDw 1)ToME4.2.2010 00:39xkernigh@netscape.net736
229Sentient arrow (Furyband)ToME3.2.2010 03:50WatchmanJ@aol.com610
230Castle like vault in The Land of RhunToME12.1.2010 02:42WatchmanJ@aol.com653
231Small UNIQUE LevelToME21.12.2009 19:23JohnCW91064
232Weird ampersandToME20.12.2009 06:16konijn_863
233Greater Vault in Erebor (Furyband)ToME10.12.2009 23:39WatchmanJ@aol.com647
234Castle vault in Paths of the DeadToME21.11.2009 21:55WatchmanJ@aol.com738
235Stuck during a forest ambush...ToME30.9.2009 06:53guebstrike985
236The Great Wyrm of Power couldn't stand a chance...ToME27.5.2009 07:09Phoenix216921433
237Oops, I killed Moldoux...ToME27.5.2009 06:54Phoenix21692902
238Alert! Moldoux detected at 9 o'clock...ToME27.5.2009 06:52Phoenix21692853
239Ha! Eol has nothing on me!ToME27.5.2009 04:10Phoenix21692575
240Thanks Bert!ToME27.5.2009 03:57Phoenix21692772
241Spear of AmanToME14.5.2009 18:15dormouse1026
242Isengard (Furyband)ToME1.5.2009 00:50WatchmanJ@aol.com783
243Uh AMHD just decided to join the party in GondolinToME28.4.2009 02:11Phoenix21692838
244...and how levels did I gain?!ToME28.4.2009 01:43Phoenix21692840
245Cyclops is not so tough! - Take 2ToME28.4.2009 01:40Phoenix21692647
246Look out! 5-Headed Hydra seen at 6 o'clock of Bree.ToME27.4.2009 01:05Phoenix21692633
247Cyclops is not so tough either! :)ToME26.4.2009 23:51Phoenix21692684
248Storm giant is not so touch is he?ToME26.4.2009 23:42Phoenix21692499
249Take cover now!ToME25.4.2009 04:57Phoenix21692604
250Beat him up guys or go for broke!ToME25.4.2009 04:50Phoenix21692448

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