Message Recall (0-19 of 1282), Offset 0                                         
You are no longer hungry.                                                       
You see no more Rations of Food.                                                
You demolish the Elite uruk.                                                    
You miss the Elite uruk.                                                        
You demolish the Elite uruk.                                                    
You have slain the Elite uruk.                                                  
You leave a trap detected zone.                                                 
You found a trap!                                                               
The Potions of Invisibility disappear.                                          
You are greatly startled by a sudden sound.                                     
The Potions of *Healing* disappear.                                             
The Golden Rod of Charging of Disarming disappears.                             
The Wand of Manathrust disappears.                                              
The Wand of Noxious Cloud disappears.                                           
The Staff of Identify disappears.                                               
The Shadow Cloak of Air disappears.                                             
The Essences of Explosion disappear.                                            
The Essences of Acid disappear.                                                 
You identified the trap as Trap of Drop Items.                                  
Looks like any other level.                                                     
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