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Basic Questions

Q: What is angband?

See, or visit #angband on worldirc.

Q: Why is your variant based of the 2.9.3 version of Vanilla Angband?

A: No Lua was involved in 2.9.3. I didn't know C and I figured it would be more trouble than it's worth to try and learn a programming language and a scripting language.

Q: What do all the different classes do? What are they good at?

A: The ingame documentation should cover these. In addtion, inside the /lib folder is a selection of plain text spoilers describing skills.

Q: I can't hit anything! I keep dying! This is the hardest band ever!

A. Make sure you hit the 'G' key to distribute skill points.

Q: I can't figure out how to use my racial abilities, class powers, and spells!

A: 'm' uses magic books, prayer books, and devices, 'p' activates class powers, and 'U' activates racial abilities.

Q: What do you mean heavy weapons are better?

A: Weapons have a new feature called 'force'. You can tell the force of a weapon by looking at the number to the right of the | next to the damage dice. i.e. (4d4|3) weapon has a force of three.
One blow with a large weapon is now better than multiple blows with a smaller one. Each force blow that connects increase the damage by 25%

Q: I cast a spell, and took damage and had my stats drained! What the f*&k is this? I've been playing V for years - and magic should just work!

A: First - There is a way to use magic safely. Second - this is a Victorian / pulp variant of Angband called Steamband. In all the Victorian literature you have ever read, do you remember there being any wizards? Those who did mess with magic, do you remember the stories they were in? You know, like H.P. Lovecraft? or perhaps John Dee from Guy Fawkes? Are these wizards? or mortals who have imperiled their mortal soul to traffick in dark magicks?
There are extensive in game help docs for help with casting and using magic.

Q: Character 'A' from [V] gets this power! Why don't I get it in Steam?

A. All classes and races can get any power they want from spellbooks - any class can learn. The classes, and the equipment they can use is being rethought - and may not be the same as the *band you are used to. You may notice that a design goal of mine has not been to keep gameplay similar to [V]'s.

Q: I'm level 12, and I can't cast the level 12 spells in my device!

A. Well, not really a question - whether or not you can cast/understand a spell is _solely_ determined by your level in the appropriate skill. Which for mage spells is Latin + Occult path, and for priest spells is Latin + Spirituality path. For devices - if you get them, it's Gadgeteering + the specific device skill.

Q: Steamband keeps crashing!

A. Please send me a savefile so I can debug the problem.

Q.A related question... How many skill points does a person invest in a skill before it becomes a waste of skill points? For example,once novice melee (or whatever the name is) is advanced enough to open up standard melee skill is it a waste to put any more points in novice??

A. The answer to this question is very important! Skills _never_ become a waste of skill points. I made very sure that every point that you put into a skill increases your ability in something somewhere - and I insured that the ability gets better with every single skill point spent. There is never a skill you will put a point into that it will be a waste of your time. In the case of novice melee - it provides a bigger bonus to hit (*5, versus *4), but standard combat opens up new abilities. Skill points are never a waste. oh, and the name of the skill is neophyte combat.

Q.Could a message be implemented for the various skills (or a skill cap) that would notify the player that they had reached the effective limit of that skill??

A. I believe the answer to the above question takes care of this. There is no need for a message, because there is no effective limit of skills. 20 is the max, and every point does something useful. :-)

Q.Where are the skill spoilers? There used to be these links on your homepage to spoilers telling what class gets what skill and when. I want them!

A. Well, if you have a copy of the game - you already have them! Check inside the /lib/spoiler folder for all the plain text goodness of spoilers you could want. The pdf spoilers have been discontinued.

Automata and Steam-Mecha

Q: Uhh, I got my stats drained and when I tried to drink a potion - It said I couldn't!

A. Automata and Steam-mecha are unable to drink potions, and eat normal food. Thankfully - they have all their stats sustained. Sadly, this means in the event of a time attack, or casting a spell that drains stats, they are out of luck. There are apparatuses that restore stats, and they can also study religious mysteries and eventually be able to restore their stats.

Q: What do these Automata, and Steam-Mecha eat?

A. Oil. press 'e' and select oil.

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