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Mr. Courtney C. Campbell

General Delivery
Bethel, AK 99559


To contribute my skills to the growth and development of an employer’s company, while maintaining and developing skills in areas of importance.

Work Experience

August '04 - Present

Social Work
Bethel, Alaska, Employed with YKHC, at the McCann Inhalant treatment center providing support, therapy, and counseling to children ages 8-18 with FAS and Drug abuse problems.

September ’02 — July '04

Social Work
Fayetteville, Arkansas, Employed with BOST, a Social Security Waiver Agency providing a supportive/alternative living environment for clients with disabilities

June ’01 — September ‘02

Fayetteville, Arkansas. Employed doing various commission work for people, including, but not limited to, Mike Hathorn ’s web page, and a Mural for the University of Arkansas in Kimple Hall (Sales, service, etc.)

December ’99 — June ‘01 Technical Support Representative
Fayetteville, Arkansas. Employed as a Customer Service Representative and technical support person. Responsible for solving customer problems, and insuring customer satisfaction. (Sales, Customer Service, Technician)

March ‘98 — August ‘99

Micro Computer Technologies
Little Rock, Arkansas. Employed as a Macintosh technician, salesperson, and technical support person. Responsible for keeping current on all the latest developments in technology both in order to sell and support a variety of software and hardware, both Macintosh and PC-compatible. (Sales, Customer Service, Technician)

October ‘97 - January ‘98

Walls Computers Etc.
Hot Springs, Arkansas (Sales, Customer Service, Web Design, Technician)

March ‘97 - May ‘97

ALLTEL Mobile Communications
Little Rock, Arkansas. (Web Design/Development, Corporate)

September ‘95 - June ‘97

Hendrix College
Conway, Arkansas. (Technical Support, On-Site large scale network implementation, Web Development/Design)

June ‘94 - August ‘94

Hot Springs, Arkansas.
(Visual Programming, Data Entry, Corporate)


Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from the University of Arkansas
(Focus in Oil painting / Drawing)

Computer Experience

Extensively familiar with both Macintosh and PC compatible hardware and software; responsible for resolving a variety of hardware issues on both platforms. Extremely proficient with the use, support, and repair/replacement of a variety of external and internal hardware, including but not limited to, hard drives, scanners, monitors, PCI and Nubus cards, removable media devices and printers. A tremendous amount of experience using and technical supporting most software for both platforms, including such programs (on both the Macintosh and PC-platforms except where noted) as:

Dos, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, ME, XP, NT, 2000/Professional, ME, Macintosh OS 6.0-X Microsoft Office suite, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Filemaker, PageMaker, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Outlook express, Eudora, Quark, Director suite (X-res, Freehand, Studio) Strata Studio Pro, Imagine, Corel suite, etc; often responsible for not only using the programs in question, but also having to teach and support these programs often over the phone.

Familiar with many different aspects of graphics and color. Expertise in areas such as:

Differing file formats, resolutions, and color pallets, 3D rendering, basic design and layout principles and concepts, importing and exporting graphics between applications, and scanning

Experienced with the various intricacies of networking various systems together, experience with all steps of the networking process, running, installing and testing wire, setting up servers.

Write and maintain a computer game written in C. Basic C and Java programming knowledge.

Extremely experienced with all aspects of the Internet since 1993, extensive background in a wide variety of Internet based and centered programs, including but not limited to:

Web clients (Netscape, Internet Explorer), e-mail clients (Eudora, Outlook express, Netscape), FTP clients (Fetch, CuteFTP), Telnet clients, and IRC clients, great deal of experience hooking up and supporting clients’ machines on the internet, have been making web pages since late 1995, familiar with all versions of HTML, including DHTML.

General in-depth computer knowledge and the ability to quickly pick up whatever skills are needed.

Sales Experience

29 Months total sales experience. Extensive experience with commissioned hardware sales, with in store customers, dealing with accounts, clients, and distributors. Also experienced with both commissioned and non-commissioned retail sales. Have extensive experience with inbound sales. Award winning University of Arkansas National Debate Finalist.

Other Experience

Several years of schooling in art and design. Extensive experience with customer service, and employee management skills, both from being a supervisor at and from working with a mutil-functional sales, and support team at Micro Computer Technologies. Quick learner of needed skills, and willing to do whatever is needed for the right company. Experience in working in small office environments where tasks are assigned based on what needs to be done. Experience in social work, and working with people who have disabilities, and the families of those who have disabilities.



William Murdick
Department Manager at
101 West Mountain

Brian James
1900 North Bryant Cantrell View Plaza
Little Rock, Arkansas 72207
Phone: 501.663.0302
Fax: 501.663.0709

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