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Steamband would not have been possible without the wonderful pages of Jess Nevins. Without this fantastic resource steamband would be nothing but a pipe dream. In an early version of this page, I even took his background image.

Special thanks must go out to my Development team made up of Madman, Bridger Flynn, and Sirhart (Darren) without whom, .4 would not nearly be as good as it's going to be.

Pelpel from #angband deserves a great amount of thanks - Just for starters he wrote a makefile that compiles Steam for three (3!) platforms (crb, ppc, and 68k) - fixed dozens of bugs, and helped make this code very stable. Without pelpel steam would crash a lot more. Anything I can do for him I would - he is awesome. The angband community is better for his presence.

To the denziens of #angband ( - thank you all. Steamband would have never been made without their encouragement and help.

A special thanks to Giants for writing up the race and class descriptions, and "Darren Hart" for his fantastic skills spoiler. These two people have made the experience of playing steam a pleasurable one for everyone involved.I sincerely thank them.

There are too many people who have helped make Steamband what it is today to mention by name. Thank you all.

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