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Steamband is a Steampunk / Victorian / Pulp variant of Angband, A roguelike ASCII dungeon exploration simulation game. Steamband was based off the 2.9.3 version of Angband source code. You can find out more about Angband by visiting rephial, the Angband homepage.

x86 Windows compile of Steamband 0.4.1final
Steamband 0.4.1final Source files for compliling

Here is some sources for older versions
RISC OS compile of Steamband 0.4.1
Macintosh 0.4.0 compiles at bottom of page.

Some (unprompted) praise for Steamband:

I just want to say that this is absolutely the best variant I have ever played. -- manchu

I have been having so much fun playing that I haven't been working on monsters or writing bug reports or anything. All in all this game is a blast. -Bridger Flynn

First of all I want to thank you for this Angband variant. I've been playing it less than a week but it's real fun. - Ralf Arens

I started playing and couldn't stop! - Steve Latour

I've not played Steam (or any other roguelike) for more than a quick runaround since the very early days of Steamband development, and I'm very, very impressed. I'm addicted now, and I blame all of you. -Antony Sidwell

Not that I've been playing any Angband variants save Steamband lately. Blasted addiction...definitely the best Angband variant out there

I played some spellcasters and realized that spells are COOL. Storm of Ice and Soulstorm with DemonicWill are greatest spell effects I've ever seen in *band! - "m.k"

I would not say that. Over the years several variants (at least Oangband, Sangband, and Zangband) have tried to fix this problem the right way: by reducing the number of drop and increasing quality. Recently, Steamband has gotten it right, showing that you can play a perfectly enjoyable game without ever having or wanting any form of autosquelch. -Bahman Rabii

Be sure to take a look at some of the entertaining writing by many players of Steamband over in the Verbose Dumps section. Many tales of victory and woe await you there.

There are several other resources listed below. Make sure and after you play Steamband to post your Dump on the oook ladder, so you can see how you compare to other players. :-) You can reach oook at

There is also a Steamband mailing list. Files, and polls and discussion about the game are available there. You can join by sending an email to You can also visit the Yahoo groups page here.

There is extensive online help in Steamband 0.4.1. Hitting '?' while a skill, race, or class is selected will give you information on it. Hitting enter will display a menu showing all the commands. Hitting '?' will display help, and you can access a variety of FAQ's that provide basic information on how Steam is different than other variants.

A extra-special thanks to everyone who has contributed to Steamband.

Also, I don't use a Macintosh anymore as a development platform. The tools were nicer - but nothing I can do. No more Macintosh compiles from me. Perhaps I'll get the development box fixed someday.



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