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Steamband to do list

This is my personal to do list. The things with the '-' next to them need to be implimented. The bullets up top indicate a list of activites to do. The ones below indicated completion. The rest is either theoritical, or just on my list of things to get done. This file changes w/o notice, and anything in here doesn't necessarly mean that it will be used.or that it is correct. O_o



Plan for 050

- Game animals and trophies

- New terrain types

- Ego monsters

- Pet AI improvements

- Summoning/Pet creation (mecha devices/golems etc.)

- Item enhancements/tweaks

- Dungeon generation



Current Itiniary

- Keeps count of # of up and down stairs, and other ironman options.

- Time pressure

- Add Heat to Automata abilites add (HEAT) when heat is too high Paralized

  • Add a p_ptr->HEAT (Integer)
  • Add checks to increase the HEAT value when a spell is cast, or a power used for automata/steam mecha
  • Reduce Heat in dungeon.c -
  • Write code that causes paralization.

- Figure out how to go about implimenting 256 colors.

- Create Mecha-device / trap system

Minor Changes. (don't require huge amounts of rewriting the code. . .)

Do these for FUN! to keep from going nuts with all the rest!

- Store building in dungeon

- Add new room types and configurations

- socketed weapons

- Fade out price of items in stores when they are not avaialable.

- sf's fractal cave patch

- Random event

- Class titles need to be shortened.

- New terrain types.


Release Checklist
- Update readme
- Update version number in code
- Update version number in .txt files
- Full compile
- Remove old saves
- Remove .c.x files
- upload to clockwork
- upload to websapce
- update webpage
- post to RGRA
monsters. artifacts / items

  • - Alice monsters
  • - Oz monsters
  • - Unique List
  • - Dinosaurs
  • - Tsetse Flies

Three muskateers guns.

motoring hat
Steamed aparagus


- /Uniques to Add

(Note: This list should be more accurate now. Nothing is promised, but this is an idea of what to expect.)

Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899)
Allan Quatermain
Aleister Crowley
Countess Elizabeth Bathory
Charles Fort
Dr. Armitage
arch: Wilbur Whateley
Mycroft Holmes
arch: daniel dravot
and peachy carnehan
arch: and rudyard kipling
Dr. van Helsing,
Jonathan Harker
Mina Harker (dracul)
Percy Blakeney, the Scarlet Pimpernel
Dick tracy
hound of the baskervilles
Dr. Moriarty
richard francis burton dr. lovelace.
• Frankenstien
James west
brisco cnty jr.
Count Alessandro
• Jack the ripper
queen victoria
Herbert West
mark twain
Lewis Carrol
james west and
artemis gordon
tom sawyer
jules verne
Auguste Dupin
Jack the Ripper,
Edward Hyde
The Yellow Room, which starred the lusty heiress "Rosa Coote."
Sexton Blake
Solomon Kane;
Captain Blood;
Harry Flashman;
Phileas Fogg;
The Time Traveler;
Tarzan and his son Korak;
A.J. Raffles;
Professor Challenger;
Richard Hannay;
Bulldog Drummond;
•the evil Fu Manchu and his adversary, Sir Denis Nayland Smith;
The Shadow;
Sam Spade;
Doc Savage,
his cousin Pat Savage,
Monk Mayfair;
The Spider;
Nero Wolfe;
Mr. Moto;
The Avenger;
Philip Marlowe;
James Bond;
Lew Archer;
and Travis McGee.
• Dracula,
The Phantom,
Victor Frankenstein and descendants
Horatio Hornblower,
Prince Dakkar,
John Carter of Mars,
• Dr. Moreau,
Kimball O'Hara,
Dr. Nikola,
Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde,
Nick Carter,
The Opera Ghost,
The Invisible Men,
Captain Mors,
Dr. Thorndyke,
Tom Swift,
Father Brown,
Peter the Brazen,
The Green Hornet,
The Saint,
Indiana Jones,
Solar Pons,
Hercule Poirot,
Charlie Chan,
Carson of Venus,
Miss Marple,
The Continental Op,
Philo Vance,
Dr. Palfrey,
Jules de Grandin,
Rick Blaine,
The Rocketeer,
The Wolf Man, ,
The Phantom Detective,
Hop Harrigan,
The Spirit,
Doctor Who,
The Avengers (think british now. . .),
Derek Flint,
Prince Zarkon,
Remo Williams and Chiun,
Carl Kolchak,
Shang Chi,
Steve Austin,
Maureen Birnbaum,
Buckaroo Banzai,
• White Rabbit
Angry Mob
"Babbage" unique
"Bobby" - English Policeman
Burke and Hare? Sweeney Todd? Perhaps the members of the Sign of Four (Sherlock Holmes)?
Baker Street Irregulars"
John Carter of Mars references? Edgar Rice Burrows
"Riki Tiki Tavi", "Nag."
and other kipling uniques.

these objects are references to Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth (1864). In that book a German professor, Otto Lidenbrock, found a book from a 16th century Icelandic alchemist, Arne Saknussemm (whose name is partially visible on the plaque to the top object); Saknussemm claimed to have journeyed to the center of the Earth. Intrigued, Lidenbrock followed Saknussemm's path, using his "AS" markers (as seen on the top object) to guide him. Among the other things that Lidenbrock found was an underground sea (the "Lidenbrock sea" on the bottom plaque) and various "prehistoric" animals (the ichthyosaur seen here). Lemuel Gulliver," the world-traveler and explorer from Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels. (Andrew Johnston notes that according to the chronology at the Gulliver's Travels Chronology site would be 127 in this portrait) (Stephen Johnston notes the presence, at the feet of Lemuel, of one of the Lilliputian cattle that he brought back after his first voyage) "The Reverend Dr. Syn," from Russell Thorndike's Doctor Syn (1915) and its six prequels. Syn, the vicar of Dymchurch near the end of the 18th century, was also the notorious pirate and smuggler Captain Clegg, aka the Scarecrow.



Note: the display code (likert) provides a clear indicator of the 'range' of the base skills. Since the first number is divided by the second, and 10 is a near maxed value, simply mutiply the second number in likert by 10 to determine the max range of the skill.

Sucking skills should go below that.

british need 'tea and crumpets skill' which is GOI + p_ptr->paralization.


Player Feats (One time improvements)

(Initial List stolen from O)

Armor Mastery: Increase body armor base AC.╩
Armor Proficiency: Reduced mana penalties for heavy armor.╩╩
Armsman: More critical hits with melee weapons.
Athletics: Increases Dexterity and Constitution and Sustain
Beguile: Increases effectiveness of confusion, slow, sleep, fear, and turning attacks.╩
Clarity: Increases Intellegency and Wisdom and Sustain
Evasion: Increases armor class of characters wearing light armor.╩╩
Extend Magic: Beneficial magics last longer.╩
Extra Trap: Allows a rogue to have two monster traps at once.
Fast Attacking: Gives a chance of an extra melee strike each round.╩
Fast Casting: Speeds the casting of all spells, but especially those well below the caster's level.╩
Fury: Allows faster movement immediately after taking damage.╩
Harmony: Gain hit points whenever you cast any spell.╩╩
Heighten Magic: Increases the effects of caster-level dependent spells. Holy Light: Grants increased light radius, resistance to light, and extra damage to undead creatures.╩
Magic Resistance: Greatly improved saving throws.╩╩
Marksmanship: More critical hits with archery and thrown weapons.╩
Martial Arts: Gives a powerful unarmed attack (similar to a druid with the Power Strike specialty).╩╩
Meditation: Increased mana regeneration.╩╩
Mighty Throw: Doubles the range of throwing weapons and other thrown objects.
Piercing Shot: Archery attacks may skewer multiple targets.╩╩After a successful hit, an arrow or crossbow bolt will sometimes continue on; targets behind the original are very like to be hit.╩╩Multiple pierces are possible.
Power Siphon: Gain mana when monsters in line of sight cast spells.╩╩
Power Strike: Gives an empty handed druid a chance of an unusually strong attack followed by an attempt to confuse the target.╩╩
Regeneration: Increased HP regeneration.╩
Shield Mastery: Increased shield base AC, deflection chance, and bashing damage.╩╩Best with a large shield.╩╩Ineffective when wielding a two-handed weapon.╩
Soul Siphon: Grants mana whenever a living monster is slain.╩╩There is a chance of taking damage when aborbing too many souls at once.╩╩
Teleport Resistance: Allows a saving throw vs teleportation attacks and complete immunity to teleport level.╩╩Does apply to Nexus effects.╩╩
Unlight: Increases stealth, provides resist darkness, and allows various actions such as reading without light, but limits light radius.╩

- New item flags.

terror or fear. - Cause to creatures
Add flag to reduce HEAT when equipped


Game play impression notes:

Random Notes

Suggestions for Mages made by "Luke" <>

Make it so that you can't cast spells with a weapon wielded. Impliment sheathing somehow (in a way that doesn't make the weapon suseptable to destruction in the inventory, or pack overflow) so that it takes energy to sheath the weapon, cast, then energy to draw it again. This would mean that stopping to cast a spell in melee would take two additional turns, or however much energy you want it to take. By default weapons could be sheathed while not attacking (make sure they grant their powers to the bearer anyway), and upon attacking you would draw the sword. Or, make it a command to draw the sword that costs energy, so you would stop while something was about a square away from you and draw it. Hybrid fighter/caster classes could either learn to sheath their weapons faster, learn to channel through their weapons as they level, or acquire high level ego/artifact items with the CHANNEL flag. The BLESSED flag could make the weapon able to channel - making the priest spell useful. Could also make that spell available in other ways. Or, you could make casting with a weapon wielded increase the mana cost and spell failure - then simply give hybrid classes lower base mana cost and spell failure, closer to that of actual caster classes. That way a paladin could hang back and lob holy orbs like a priest, but lose some time when he is ready to engage in combat.

Giants: A hit of totally useless trivia: Old Finns talk about "vaski" with which they refer to copper, brass or bronze. For example "vaski sword" that will most probably mean bronze, but when talking about horns or pots you could guess copper...

Vae has some cool ideas on timing and traps and stuff for Mold

Stuff to do back into town-

have a garden affect your stats abilities.
change mutations to phernology

add mind bullets and yaks.

Fufie: you could have a Prussian General set NMB_BF1942: ewwww Fufie: with boots, gloves, a little officer stick, ... VALIS: heh NMB_BF1942 just discovered a copy of The Sims : House Party in his CD collection Fufie: increases discipline Fufie: but limits charisma Fufie: activated for command troops Fufie: then you have the Jules Verne travel gear Fufie: khaki clothes, rugged boots and a machete Fufie: increases range of sight Fufie: activated for 'map area' *** NMB_BF1942 is now known as NightmareBlade Fufie: this kind of thing you're looking for? NightmareB: dont ya hate it when you know you have a certain CD, but for the life of you, yoiu caNT find it? Fufie: also consider the Captain Nemo underwater suit

Fufie: other artifact set: Nansen's Arctic Gear, solid boots, anorak, big mittens, and skis that cross anything.. all of them resist/immune to cold and lets you command dogs and good vision

- Mutations don't give enough room for full name of power. Correct layout issue.Or keep the layout as it is, because it's that way to insure that there's enough room for all the powers. Decisions, decisions.

- Scandinavia refers to Norway, Sweden and Finland. - Nordic (Nordic countries) refer to Scandinavia plus Denmark and Iceland. - Do not mix Nordic with Norsemen, which refers mainly to Norwegian vikings (after all, the biggest group of vikings were Danes...) - Oh, and Finland wasn't part of "Viking heartland", and Vikings are IMO out of the era of Steampunk. - Finland was part of Russia for the whole 19th century (well, from 1809) :-) - If you want a racial power for Finns, I recommend ResCold. I don't know if there should be one... - Finns are not totally unfamiliar to the subject of this game (Historical facts, these I can remember from top of my head): * August Nordensksld was a semi-famous alchemist in late 18th century. He published a book "A Plain System of Alchemy" in London in 1778. He died in Sierra Leone in Africa after being captured by some black some savages who tortured him to death. * Adolf Nordenskisld (apparently not related) was a Finnish explorer in the 19th century. His greatest achievement was to be the first to sail to the Bering Streit from the Norway through the Siberian coastal waters.

-spiders to the list now. And a healing mecha
-spider(?!???) DarkGod: flollows you and heals you when needed DarkGod: from arcanum too :) Scoth: RE:mecha and potions. VALIS: They should be able to drink them, just they do nothing. Or cause damage from electrical damage Long term

Should have poison create flammable methane terrain.

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