"a rogue-like designed to give the player the opportunity to play as a number of "monster races", each capable of evolving as they levelled up, thus gaining new powers and skills. The equipment capabilities each race had was also determined by monster (let's face it, a Quythulg is unlikely to dual-weild maces of disruption, and a spider has plenty of feet to fit footwear onto), which has added a myriad of balancing issues, all designed to add extra flavour to an already interesting game." --- Posband homepage. It might be worth mentioning the possessor class can possess any corpse - especially given that that's where the variant name comes from.

Author / maintainer: Avenger, and Graham Philips


Current release

Posband 0.9.9 Alpha 1
October 17, 2005

Source October 18, 2005
Windows October 18, 2005

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