Formerly Jangband. Homepage now returns a 404 and is presume no longer updating. Included a number of innovations including, vampiric weapons, enchant armour/weapon scrolls that work on Amulets of the Magi and Rings of Slaying, new ego armour, and a few new artifacts. Also introduced dual-handed weapon wield and enlarged the dungeon a lot. Expanded trap selection to 47 and allowed traps on door and multiple traps. Stairs don't always go to the next logical level. There's wilderness around the town, corpse effects, and a new town. Magic has been revamped.

Author / maintainer: Jurriaan Kalkman

Link: Angband/64 at Bablos Angband Variant site
Link: Angband/64 at FuryTech

Current release

Angband/64 Beta 7 r3
April 8, 2001

Source angband64-beta-7-3.src.tar.bz2 841,789 bytes June 26, 2001
From mirror site.
Library files 457,226 bytes June 26, 2001
Needed for binary and source. From mirror site.
Windows 1,132,462 bytes June 26, 2001
From mirror site.
Amiga angband64-54-ami.lha June 26, 2001
From mirror site.
Linux angband64-beta-7-3.i386.rpm June 26, 2001
From mirror site.

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