All of Middle Earth has been replaced with Dante's Inferno. Instead of battling down the Pits of Angband to fight Morgoth, you battle down the Circles of Hell to fight Lucifer. Hellband uses a 'realm' based magic system similar to the one used in Zangband, but also includes many new features of its own.

Author / maintainer: Konijn

Link: Google Group - Google group dedicated to Hellband
Link: Blog - Weblog on Hellband changes kept by the author (old)
Link: Google Code project - The source code in Subversion and issue tracker

Current release

Hellband 0.8.7
December 30, 2009

Source December 30, 2009
Windows December 30, 2009

Other releases

Hellband 0.8.6
Announcement, August 14, 2007

Source 1,560,783 bytes August 14, 2007
Windows 696,946 bytes August 14, 2007

Hellband 0.8.5
Announcement, February 4, 2007

Source February 4, 2007
Windows February 4, 2007

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