Halls of Mist

Everyone has heard stories about the Halls of Mist. In the stories people usually see horrible visions in the blue mist and lose their mind. (They say carrying a bright torch would help.) The exquisitely decorated walls, the deserted shrines of foreign goddesses... It's a scary, haunted place.
Your archenemy, The Thin White Duke, is down there, gathering power. He is an immortal human occultist from the Realm of Skultgard ("skull garden").
You have only recently learned that the vast dungeon complex actually extends far beyond the borders of Thornwild, your world, to all other realms of existence. You believe the Duke is now negotiating pacts with both the demons of Aether and the dragons of Chaos. Unless you stop him, the combined army of darkness will soon smash Thornwild.

Author / maintainer: Mikko Lehtinen


Current release

Halls of Mist 1.3.2
Announcement, January 15, 2013

Windows January 15, 2013
OS X January 15, 2013
Linux (64-bit Debian/Ubuntu) January 15, 2013
Source January 15, 2013

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