Oangband is one of many variants of Angband, emphasising intuitive rules, varied gameplay, and extra coolness. This long-established variant (one of the older ones active) offers more individual and distinct classes and specializations, more intelligent and diverse monsters, and more subtle and interesting objects. Depth of play is tremendous, with well-balanced ways to kill monsters that work from the moment you walk into the dungeon, to that dread day you face Morgoth, wielder of the Udun-Fire.
Oangband is receiving interface updates and bugfixes from FAangband maintainer Nick McConnell with 1.1.0u releases.

Author / maintainer: Bahman Rabii


Current release

Oangband 1.1.0u
December 16, 2008

Source Oangband110u.tar.gz December 16, 2008
Windows December 16, 2008
Mac OS X December 16, 2008
WinCE December 16, 2008
Nintendo DS Fonts.html December 16, 2008

Other releases

Oangband 1.1.0
February 3, 2006

Source, libraries Oangband110-src.tar.gz February 3, 2006
Windows February 3, 2006

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