Formerly known as NewAngband, Portralis is a variant of PernAngband. It is closer to a real RPG than just hack and slash dungeon crawling. There is a story with multiple dialogues, different characters you can speak to, multiple quests which can have many solutions and many outcomes. Portralis takes a non-linear, open approach to the world, in that at the beginning of the game, you can choose to embark in the main quest if you want, but you can also just wander in the wild, explore random dungeons, visit various towns, each with their own quests and characters, etc...

Author / maintainer: Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre

Link: Portralis Forum - Updated far more often than the homepage!
Link: Review

Current release

Portralis 0.4 build 001
January 3, 2010

Downloads documents January 3, 2010

Other releases

Portralis 0.3 Build 007.4
December 14, 2008

Source download? December 14, 2008
Windows download? December 14, 2008

Portralis 0.3 build 002
Announcement, May 5, 2008

Source code 2,684,511 bytes May 5, 2008
Windows 2,097,238 bytes May 5, 2008

Portralis 0.2.1
Announcement, April 28, 2007

Source April 28, 2007
Windows 1,719,044 bytes April 28, 2007

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