Sil gives you the chance to set out on the most epic of all the adventures Tolkien wrote about. As Beren and Luthien did, you can dive into the stronghold of Angband, in the far North of Middle-earth in the First Age of the world, on a quest to steal a Silmaril from the iron crown of the black enemy, Morgoth.

Major features:
- Sil moves away from the creatures and magic of generic fantasty, instead recreating the world Tolkien imagined.
- An exciting and carefully balanced combat system, without instant escapes, gives great tactical depth to combat.
- The game is built upon elegant rules which are explained to players in the manual.
- A rich space of possible character builds to explore.
- A clean and accessible control system.
- Sil is designed to be dangerous and challenging, but it is also a much shorter game than most Angband variants.

Author / maintainer: half


Current release

Sil 1.2.1
Announcement, January 13, 2014

Mac OS X January 13, 2014
Windows January 13, 2014
Source code January 13, 2014

Other releases

Sil 1.2.0
Announcement, January 3, 2014

Mac OS X January 3, 2014
Windows January 3, 2014
Source code January 3, 2014

Sil 1.1.1
January 3, 2013

Mac OS X January 3, 2013
Windows January 3, 2013
Source code January 3, 2013

Sil 1.1.0
Announcement, September 4, 2012

Mac OS X September 4, 2012
Windows September 4, 2012
Source code September 4, 2012

Sil 1.0.1
January 18, 2012

Windows January 18, 2012
Source code January 18, 2012
Mac OS X January 18, 2012

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