Tales of Middle Earth (ToME) is a fantasy adventure game, based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. It is a game that emphasizes intricate, challenging, and varied gameplay over graphics. Hundreds of different monsters in randomly-generated, unpredictable dungeons will strive to slay you by various means, and you counter - if you survive - by developing the skills of your choice and wielding mighty artifacts. ToME's races from Hobbit to Troll and classes from Swordmaster to Summoner allow for many different playing styles and a replay value that extends through years.

Author / maintainer: DarkGod


Current release

T.o.M.E. 2.3.5
Announcement, May 12, 2008

Source tome-235-src.tar.bz2 2,951,227 bytes May 12, 2008
Windows 2,415,096 bytes May 12, 2008
Mac OS X tome-235-mac-osx-universal.dmg 4,243,320 bytes May 12, 2008

Other releases

T.o.M.E. 3.0.0alpha16 "Old Age of Wonders"
Announcement, April 6, 2007

Source code tome-300alpha16-src.tar.bz2 3,594,346 bytes April 6, 2007
Windows 4,762,573 bytes April 6, 2007
MacOS X Universal binary tome-300alpha16-macosx-universal.dmg 13,728,681 bytes April 6, 2007

T.o.M.E. 2.3.4 "An Unexpected Party"
October 22, 2006

Source code tome-234-src.tar.bz2 2,909,120 bytes October 22, 2006
Windows 2,400,062 bytes October 22, 2006
MacOS X Universal binary tome-234-mac-osx-universal.dmg 5,752,618 bytes October 22, 2006

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