TomeNET is an online multiplayer rogue-like role-playing game, derived from MAngband (Multiplayer-Angband). TomeNET loosely bases on the stories of J.R.R. Tolkien mainly "The Lord Of The Rings", hence the name "the Troubles of Middle Earth" or alternatively "the Tales of Middle Earth". The final goal in TomeNET is to destroy the fallen god Melkor who is known by the name of Morgoth, Lord of Darkness. Detailed list of features and history available at:

Author / maintainer: C. Blue


Current release

TomeNET 4.5.8

Windows installer TomeNET-458-install.exe
Linux x86 tomenet-4.5.8-linux.tar.bz2
Linux amd64 tomenet-4.5.8-linux-amd64.tar.bz2
OS X x86 TomeNET-458-client-OSX-x86-withsfx.tar.bz2
OS X amd64 TomeNET-458-client-OSX-amd64-withsfx.tar.bz2
Source tomenet-4.5.8.tar.bz2

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