XAngband is a Zangband variant of somewhat relaxed difficulty.

Notable features:
Zelazny races and uniques replaced by traditional Angband or new Japanese ones.
Ego Shop that deals in high quality items.
Named ego items (one extra ability or resistance added).
Device using class - Artificer
Possession based class - Snatcher
Staff of wishing
New to 1.3.1:
Many help files updated.

Author / maintainer: iks


Current release

XAngband 1.3.1
March 5, 2009

Source xangband-1.3.1.tar.gz March 5, 2009
Windows March 5, 2009

Other releases

XAngband 1.3.0
October 1, 2008

Source code xangband-1.3.0.tar.gz October 1, 2008
Windows October 1, 2008

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