Zangband is one of the oldest, among the most fascinating, at times vastly the most popular, and almost certainly the single most influential variant of Angband ever released. It is based primarily on the works of Roger Zelanzy, in particular the Chronicles of Amber, but also includes a great many other traditions, especially Germanic legend and lore.

Author / maintainer: DevTeam

Link: Sourceforge Site

Current release

Zangband 2.7.5 pre I
June 4, 2005

Source zangband-2.7.5pre1.tar.gz 2,835,426 bytes June 4, 2005
Windows ZAngband-275-pre1.exe 1,685,040 bytes June 5, 2005
Mac OS X ZAngband-275pre1-osx.dmg 2,346,219 bytes June 4, 2005
DOS 1,885,388 bytes June 4, 2005

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