Current competition No.164

Starts:October 13th, 2014 11:00
Ends:November 4th, 2014 11:00 (14 days 11 hours left)
Variant:Angband 3.5
Save file:Download starting save file
Bilbo Baggins the Burglar, who fancies himself more of a “stealthy warrior” than a thief, has had another unexpected adventure.

On his way from Erebor back to the Shire he strayed away from his companions and was suddenly assailed by dark sorcerer of dreadful might. Just as he was struck by a bolt of raw magic, he slipped on his shiny ring and tried to invoke its power. He awoke stunned, alone, and stripped of his gear and gold on the edge of a small village in the foothills of a dark and foreboding mountain range.

Fortunately his three most valued possessions were still with him, including the most precious of all. A wise shopkeeper informed Bilbo that his path to glory, and perhaps back to the Shire, lies down the stairway at the bottom of the dungeon. Mr. Baggins is very anxious to be on his way home.

Competition winner is game winner with lowest "max XP", otherwise it is lowest "max xp" / depth.

Savefile generously contributed by ShadowTechnology!

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1BilboLostTemplarHobbit Warrior39966,25948,1061002 comments16.10.2014 15:10
2Feather BoaMattBHobbit Warrior401,243,34044,1191002 comments new20.10.2014 15:15 updated
3BilboThraalbeastHobbit Warrior411,504,62665,4631008 comments new18.10.2014 15:34
4BilboIngwe IngweronHobbit Warrior442,458,45592,3121007 comments15.10.2014 08:02
5BilbohjklyubnHobbit Warrior442,460,84572,7661003 comments14.10.2014 04:56
6BilboShinedogHobbit Warrior442,570,40064,5751007 comments new20.10.2014 03:45 updated
7BilbowobblyHobbit Warrior2311,47312,064211 comment15.10.2014 20:55
8MITZEboTheOtherMITZE@yahoo.comHobbit Warrior2627,21436,251414 comments new21.10.2014 00:32 updated
9BilbomurphyHobbit Warrior2736,06710,323351 comment13.10.2014 19:06
10BilboPowerWyrmHobbit Warrior32235,35319,273584 comments new20.10.2014 14:49 updated
11SamwiseMattBHobbit Warrior34323,15423,296603 comments17.10.2014 14:47
12BilboShadowTechnologyHobbit Warrior35558,64154,9041005 comments new20.10.2014 06:37 updated
13BilboRochHobbit Warrior34329,80629,218551 comment15.10.2014 09:51
14BilboSlinkingHobbit Warrior35442,50923,721716 comments new20.10.2014 09:23 updated
15KillbomurphyHobbit Warrior37702,24845,849996 comments new20.10.2014 05:01 updated
16GafferIngwe IngweronHobbit Warrior38837,802133,910992 comments19.10.2014 09:22
17FrodoMattBHobbit Warrior391,035,18751,4391004 comments15.10.2014 17:10
18SamwiseIngwe IngweronHobbit Warrior39988,49863,093913 comments17.10.2014 16:43
19BilboMattBHobbit Warrior391,055,76945,355963 comments15.10.2014 12:22
20FrodoIngwe IngweronHobbit Warrior411,481,41073,296869 comments16.10.2014 20:03
21Bilboranger jeffHobbit Warrior421,887,57532,988791 comment15.10.2014 06:17

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