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Starts:July 4th, 2018 23:09
Ends:August 5th, 2018 23:09 (16 days 12 hours left)
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Recently a different sort of adventurer has been found infiltrating the home of the dark lord. They come in with some level of training and prowess but nonetheless seem to meet awful fates once comfortably past the first guards.

This competition is for Sil-Q 1.4.0 using the birth option to begin with 50k experience. Win conditions, in order;
Killing Morgoth
Escaping with Sils
Dying with Sils

Tiebreakers decided first by number of Sils and then turncount.

No Sils means no winner!

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1LuthienQuirkSindar Doriath41,192,63150,0007,36901 comment6.7.2018 21:33 updated
2KelchwobblyEdain Beor12,096,45450,0003,546121 comment6.7.2018 21:46 updated
3NindebwobblyNoldor Feanor14,096,27850,0003,722123 comments9.7.2018 08:01
4Nudie NickwobblyEdain Haleth19,094,52850,0005,472181 comment6.7.2018 01:13 updated
5PrandarArjenNoldor Fingolfin16,093,52050,0006,480164 comments new19.7.2018 14:43 updated
6Silk2bronNoldor Feanor14,091,03650,0008,964131 comment new19.7.2018 21:39 updated

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