Competition No.105

Starts:June 19th, 2011 06:00
Ends:July 16th, 2011 00:00 (ended)
Save file:Download starting save file
Oangband is one of the classic variants, which may be getting a refresh.

Tinker Bell is a Shadow Fairy mage ... the name says it all, really. Shadow Fairies are fragile, but can never aggravate.

Winner is the game winner in fewest turns, or if no winner the max XP/turns.

Oangband 110u is available for windows, OSX, Nintendo DS, Windows CE or as source from here.

Savefile submitted by the Invisible Stalker.

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1Tinkle SofterewanShadow Fairy Mage508,289,2661,946,2368519 comments12.7.2011 17:32
2Tenker BillNickShadow Fairy Mage32184,573967,6553711 comments27.6.2011 15:32
3RushMatthiasShadow Fairy Mage142604 comments3.7.2011 20:25 updated
4Tinker Bell IVthe Invisible StalkerShadow Fairy Mage2872,306635,713476 comments25.6.2011 00:53
5Tinker BellbronShadow Fairy Mage2986,4291,060,395334 comments15.7.2011 00:41
6Twinkee the KidbuzzkillShadow Fairy Mage2320,937339,685449 comments13.7.2011 02:21
7Tinker BellRochShadow Fairy Mage2748,838959,116283 comments27.6.2011 10:29
8ThinkerbuzzkillShadow Fairy Mage184,713152,048233 comments3.7.2011 02:04
9Tinker BellNickShadow Fairy Mage2317,812683,370205 comments21.6.2011 12:51
10Tinker BellPhilipShadow Fairy Mage207,060299,075521 comment22.6.2011 21:22 updated
11Tinker BellShinedogShadow Fairy Mage208,745388,916254 comments24.6.2011 00:14
12TinklerbuzzkillShadow Fairy Mage173,899194,662193 comments2.7.2011 16:25
13Tinker Bell IIPhilipShadow Fairy Mage184,752268,351471 comment27.6.2011 21:55 updated
14Midna IIMatthiasShadow Fairy Mage219,394547,277142 comments22.6.2011 11:06
15Tinker Bell IIIthe Invisible StalkerShadow Fairy Mage184,285271,175452 comments22.6.2011 14:58
16Tinker Bellwilliam.hamaker@verizon.netShadow Fairy Mage208,563712,343141 comment29.6.2011 21:59 updated
17Tinker Bellwilliam.hamakerShadow Fairy Mage207,698687,805143 comments29.6.2011 21:00 updated
18Tinker Bellthe Invisible StalkerShadow Fairy Mage173,413305,807193 comments20.6.2011 14:11
19Tinker Bell IIthe Invisible StalkerShadow Fairy Mage184,842436,677431 comment21.6.2011 17:13
20Tinker BellbuzzkillShadow Fairy Mage131,113134,607131 comment25.6.2011 04:51 updated
21MirabellaartesShadow Fairy Mage185,024710,489161 comment22.6.2011 21:23 updated
22MidnaMatthiasShadow Fairy Mage162,430384,70084 comments20.6.2011 06:29
23BellaartesShadow Fairy Mage141,616273,015104 comments21.6.2011 02:31 updated
24StinkerbuzzkillShadow Fairy Mage11679135,248121 comment26.6.2011 18:11 updated
25Tinker Bell Vthe Invisible StalkerShadow Fairy Mage716541,029191 comment2.7.2011 02:56 updated
26TinkbuzzkillShadow Fairy Mage10461149,23082 comments25.6.2011 20:06 updated
27Tinker BellDughfoShadow Fairy Mage10490202,42661 comment5.7.2011 22:56 updated
28Tinker BellewanShadow Fairy Mage7186148,89031 comment22.6.2011 04:37 updated

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