Competition No.117

Starts:January 24th, 2012 03:00
Ends:February 22nd, 2012 03:00 (ended)
Variant:UnAngband 0.6.4b
Save file:Download starting save file
The latest version of one of the most creative variants, UnAngband. Immerse yourself in the rich landscape of Middle-Earth.

Hilith is a Dwarf rejected by her family (possibly for living in Hobbiton); nonetheless she decides to follow the vocation of her mother.

Winner is the winner in least Actual Turns, or failing that the deepest unique killed.

UnAngband 0.6.4b is available from the home page.

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountdeepest kill updated
1Hithil, the TemplarmurphyDwarf Priest422,467,78493,691596 comments22.2.2012 02:04
2Hilith, the TemplarSatyrDwarf Priest401,703,22194,248595 comments12.2.2012 09:28
3Hilith5, the TemplarletslaughDwarf Priest33328,75886,462489 comments9.2.2012 22:00
4Heiferith, the TemplarmurphyDwarf Priest2625,92532,928383 comments5.2.2012 23:41
5Hilith4, the TemplarletslaughDwarf Priest2866,40182,070343 comments3.2.2012 17:57
6Hilith IV, the TemplarBig AlDwarf Priest2994,300139,271317 comments6.2.2012 19:12
7Hilith3, the TemplarletslaughDwarf Priest2741,37970,175312 comments2.2.2012 15:34
8Hilimoo, the TemplarmurphyDwarf Priest2633,56234,795313 comments9.2.2012 06:00
9Hilith, the TemplarmurphyDwarf Priest2630,83246,467314 comments3.2.2012 06:25
10Hilith2, the TemplarletslaughDwarf Priest2747,28255,532203 comments30.1.2012 20:15
11Hilith II, the TemplarRochDwarf Priest2628,56473,264185 comments7.2.2012 23:27
12Hilith, the TemplarletslaughDwarf Priest2313,47048,241177 comments26.1.2012 18:26
13Hilith, the TemplarajelmerDwarf Priest1056025,86743 comments18.2.2012 21:39
14Hilith3, the TemplarShadowTechnologyDwarf Priest61544,72901 comment29.1.2012 07:51 updated
15Hilith, the TemplarNickDwarf Priest11158703 comments27.1.2012 05:49 updated
16Hilith, the TemplarRochDwarf Priest4794,54201 comment26.1.2012 09:04 updated

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