Competition No.85

Starts:March 18th, 2010 12:00
Ends:April 15th, 2010 12:00 (ended)
Variant:NPPAngband 0.5.0
Save file:Download starting save file
NPPAngband 0.5.0, replete with fancy terrain, funky spell effects and a redesigned mage class, is finally here!

Justy is a Human Mage who has already completed two quests, and has just received a very nice reward for the second one. Should he keep it, or sell it? Which spells should he learn next?

Winner is the fastest game winner, or if no winners the maximum experience/turncount.

NPPAngband can be downloaded from the NPPAngband forums.

Savefile submitted by ramela.

Current standings (all entries) [toggle]

 namebyrace classlevelexperienceturncountmax depth updated
1Justy Omega3MatthiasHuman Mage5013,183,4291,081,2661009 comments9.4.2010 16:54
2Justy BpaboperfectoHuman Mage5011,654,9011,414,58310029 comments14.4.2010 18:42
3Justy IVMatthiasHuman Mage37843,572645,7774710 comments27.3.2010 13:44
4Just a mageRochHuman Mage381,000,228962,490508 comments2.4.2010 01:00
5JustypaboperfectoHuman Mage35471,273917,9144315 comments26.3.2010 03:10
6JustyMatthiasHuman Mage31165,367460,300315 comments26.3.2010 00:30
7Just one moreRochHuman Mage31160,844616,052403 comments10.4.2010 02:43
8Justy IIRochHuman Mage31163,145679,402632 comments29.3.2010 05:00
9JustyShinedogHuman Mage30129,754689,041626 comments31.3.2010 15:50
10Justy IINickHuman Mage2977,772586,614376 comments23.3.2010 10:36
11Justy8siphal@wxs.nlHuman Mage30120,8171,265,207262 comments28.3.2010 20:51
12JustyHSpeedHuman Mage2517,538386,333191 comment12.4.2010 00:15
13JustyNickHuman Mage218,103225,868126 comments21.3.2010 06:12
14Justy IIJungle_BoyHuman Mage2414,686436,66618 24.3.2010 21:50
15JustyIIHSpeedHuman Mage217,811250,06011 3.4.2010 23:15 updated
16Justy9siphal@wxs.nlHuman Mage218,783297,142131 comment31.3.2010 08:41
17JustyRochHuman Mage162,669244,38393 comments19.3.2010 06:44 updated
18JustyJungle_BoyHuman Mage152,276225,65861 comment23.3.2010 20:50 updated

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