The Angband Ladder: sadly, Noldor Feanor no-class by smee

  [Sil 1.1.1 Character Dump]

 Name   sadly         Age    3,886       Str   2
 Sex    Female        Height  5'10       Dex   5
 Race   Noldor        Weight   153       Con   4
 House  Feanor                           Gra   3

 Game Turn    1,321   Melee  (+72,2d7)   Melee       72 =  6  +5 +60  +1
 Exp Pool     1,319   Bows   (+66,1d8)   Archery     66 =  0  +5 +60  +1
 Total Exp    6,319   Armor [+10,203-812]Evasion     10 =  4  +5  +1
 Burden        39.9                      Stealth      8 =  3  +5
 Max Burden   144.0   Health     41:41   Perception   3 =  0  +3
 Depth         200'   Voice      34:34   Will         3 =  0  +3
 Min Depth     100'                      Smithing     6 =  2  +3      +1
 Light Radius     1                      Song         3 =  0  +3

 You are the only child of a bard from the house of Feanor. You have
 light grey eyes, straight auburn hair, and a fair complexion.


a) a Longsword (+0,2d5) [+1] 2.0 lb
b) a Shortbow (+0,1d7) 1.0 lb
   It can shoot arrows 12 squares (with your current strength).
c) (nothing)
d) (nothing)
e) (nothing)
f) a Wooden Torch  (+60) [+0,203d4] (with 1876 turns of light)
g) (nothing)
h) (nothing)
i) (nothing)
j) (nothing)
k) (nothing)
l) (nothing)
m) 99 Arrows
   They can be shot 12 squares (with your current strength and bow).
n) 50 Arrows
   They can be shot 12 squares (with your current strength and bow).


a) 3 Fragments of Lembas
b) a Brown Potion
c) an Azure Potion
d) 3 Wooden Torches (with 2000 turns of light)
e) a Wooden Torch (with 588 turns of light)
f) a Mattock (-5,5d2) <+2> 10.9 lb
   It improves your tunneling by 2.  It requires both hands to
   wield it properly.  


sadly of the Noldor
Entered Angband on 26 Feb 2013

    Turn     Depth    Note

      24     50 ft    (Weaponsmith)
      24     50 ft    (Disguise)
      24     50 ft    (Finesse)
   1,002    100 ft    Made a Longsword (+0,2d5) [+1]  2.0 lb
   1,063    100 ft    Made a Shortbow (+0,1d7)  1.0 lb
   1,124    100 ft    Made a Mattock (-5,5d2) <+2>  10.9 lb

  ['Score' 004098679]

Posted on 27.2.2013 03:19

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On 27.2.2013 03:19 smee wrote:
the game bugged when i went down a stair, i restarted and loaded the game, went down the stair again. then i found this torch of +60 melee and 203d4 defense. not sure what's going on but i'm gonna make a save and take it down the stairs hee hee

On 27.2.2013 03:27 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Fucking awesome. Don't lose the torch, ok?

On 27.2.2013 07:05 Philip wrote:
Pump your evasion and take cruel blow. I wanna see what happens.

On 27.2.2013 10:43 Psi wrote:
Who needs evasion when you have 203-812 protection... You may as well pump stealth, take assassination and subtlety and watch the !s roll.

On 27.2.2013 14:39 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
If it were me, I would finally make the gear I always wanted. I vote for smith! I guess death to starvation is your only worry with this guy.

On 27.2.2013 15:24 debo wrote:
Just don't die to a shadow's touch :D

On 27.2.2013 16:48 T-Mick wrote:
And don't save and quit. I already lost one of these that way...

On 27.2.2013 18:04 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Shadow touches ignore

On 4.3.2013 12:12 smee wrote:
well this one died to a shadow mold, but today in a later game i found another torch and a matching pair of greaves

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