The Angband Ladder: Peter, High-Elf Mindcrafter by <>

  [ZAngband 2.7.2 Character Dump]

Name     : Peter                Age            125     STR:   40+
Sex      : Male                 Height          82     INT:   38.0
Race     : High-Elf             Weight         164     WIS:   36.0
Class    : Mindcrafter          Social Class    32     DEX:   37.0
                                                       CON:   37.0
                                                       CHR:   35.0

+ Skill         54     Level                40     Max Hit Points     606
% Deadliness   223     Experience      2668605     Cur Hit Points     606
+ To AC        139     Max Exp         2668605     Max SP (Mana)      238
  Base AC       39     Exp to Adv.      143895     Cur SP (Mana)      226
                       Gold              40213

                         (Miscellaneous Abilities)
Fighting    : Excellent      Perception  : Excellent      Blows/Round : 3
Bows/Throw  : Superb         Sensing     : Excellent      Shots/Round : 1.0
Saving Throw: Amber [10]     Disarming   : Superb         Avg.Dam./Rnd: 85
Stealth     : Superb         Magic Device: Amber [2]      Infra-Vision: 80'

                         (Character Background)
          You are one of several children of a Teleri Ranger.  You
          have light grey eyes, straight black hair, and a fair

  [Miscellaneous information]

 Preserve Mode:      ON
 Autoscum:           ON
 Small Levels:       ON
 Arena Levels:       ENABLED
 Number of Quests: 36
 Recall Depth:       Level 74 (3700')

Acid  : +......+++...
Elec  : +.....+++....
Fire  : ++.....++....
Cold  : +......++....
Poison: +.....++.....
Fear  : +...........+
Light : ........+...+
Dark  : ........+....
Shard : ..+..........
Blind : .............
Conf  : ............+
Sound : .+...........
Nether: ...+.........
Nexus : .........+...
Chaos : ......+.+....
Disnch: .............

Speed   : .....++....+.
Reflect : .............
AuraFire: .............
AuraElec: .............
NoTelprt: .............
No Magic: .............
Cursed  : .............
DrainExp: .............
Teleport: .............

Free Actn: +.........+..
SeeInvis.: +....+......+
Hold Life: ...+.+.......
Telepathy: ............+
SlwDigstn: .............
Regen.   : +............
Levitate : +............
PermLite : .....+.......
Aggravate: .............
EvilCurse: .............

 You have defeated 9807 enemies.

  [Top 10 deepest kills]

 1 Vlad Dracula, Prince of Darkness     Level 87 (4350')
 1 Raphael, the Messenger               Level 80 (4000')
 1 Skull druj                           Level 80 (4000')
 1 Dworkin Barimen                      Level 77 (3850')
18 Hell knight                          Level 76 (3800')
26 Chaos vortex                         Level 76 (3800')
 1 Demilich                             Level 73 (3650')
 1 Storm Troll                          Level 73 (3650')
58 Greater wall monster                 Level 72 (3600')
 9 Aether vortex                        Level 71 (3550')


You can harden yourself to the ravages of the elements.
You can run for your life after hitting something.
You are resistant to magic.

  [Character Equipment]

a) a Fauchard (Defender) (1d25) (+10,+30%) [+3] (+1)
b) The Short Bow 'Pop' (x3) (+17,+48%) (+3)
c) a Spinel Ring of Shard Resistance
d) a Ring of Nether Resistance
e) a Bronze Amulet of Brilliance (+3)
f) The Star of Elendil (+1 to speed)
g) The Metal Brigandine Armour 'Culnaug' (-3) [19,+14] (+4 to speed)
h) The Cloak 'Colluin' [1,+15]
i) The Large Leather Shield of Celegorm [6,+20]
j) The Steel Helm of Hammerhand [6,+17] (+3)
k) The Set of Leather Gloves 'Cambeleg' (+6,+18%) [1,+13] (+2)
l) a Pair of Metal Shod Boots of Speed [6,+3] (+2)

  [Character Inventory]

a) 12 Orange Potions of Restore Mana
b) 6 Puce Potions of Restore Life Levels
c) 17 Scrolls titled "rhovuni ulkox" of Teleportation
d) 2 Scrolls titled "gopbat itedok" of *Identify*
e) a Scroll titled "hydpot fora" of Remove Curse
f) a Scroll titled "fricos bie" of *Remove Curse*
g) 13 Scrolls titled "jorhov ypfor" of Satisfy Hunger
h) a Scroll titled "seebek foo" of Mass Genocide
i) a Molybdenum Rod of Perception (charging) {@z1$R}
j) 4 Zinc Rods of Recall
k) an Aluminium-Plated Rod of Curing
l) 2 Gold-Plated Rods of Teleport Other
m) 4 Tin-Plated Rods of Disarming
n) 3 Rusty Rods of Lightning Balls
o) a Lead Rod of Havoc
p) a Ring of Constitution (+4)
q) The Incandescent Globe of Sawall (+3)
r) The Metal Scale Mail 'Nemovebla' [13,+10] (+4)
s) The Metal Brigandine Armour of the Rohirrim [19,+15] (+2)
t) The Two-Handed Flail 'Gilettar' (3d6) (+16,+51%) (+2)

  [Home Inventory - Britheith]

a) a Yellow Mushroom of Restore Strength
b) 2 Brown Potions of *Healing*
c) 2 Puce Potions of Restore Life Levels
d) 3 Violet Speckled Potions of Restore Wisdom
e) a Green Speckled Potion of Resistance
f) a Scroll of *Identify*
g) 4 Scrolls titled "hydpot fora" of Remove Curse
h) a Scroll titled "evsan ereankh" of Genocide
i) a Quartzite Ring of Poison Resistance
j) an Azure Amulet of Reflection
k) The Hard Leather Cap of Thranduil [2,+10] (+2)

  [Home Inventory - Nauggalville]

a) 3 Scrolls titled "hejo ankhturs" of Recharging
b) a Scroll titled "evsan ereankh" of Genocide
c) The Phial of Galadriel (+1)
d) The Chain Mail of Arvedui (-2) [14,+15] (+2)
e) The Soft Leather Armour 'Hithlomir' [4,+20] (+4)
f) The Iron Crown 'Mebarmik' [0,+20] (+3)

  [Message Log (last 50 messages)]

You destroy a Cypress Staff of Speed.
You destroy a Fur Cloak [3].
You destroy a No-dachi (5d4).
You destroy 24 Mithril Shots (6d2).
You destroy a Large Metal Shield [8].
You destroy a Hematite Ring of Dexterity.
You destroy Metal Lamellar Armour [23].
You destroy a Splint Mail [19].
You destroy a Broad Axe (2d6).
You destroy a Large Leather Shield [6].
You destroy Double Ring Mail [15].
You destroy a Tin-Plated Rod of Disarming.
You destroy Mithril Chain Mail [28].
You have a Scroll titled "fricos bie" of *Remove Curse* (f).
You destroy 30 Mithril Shots (6d2).
You destroy a Book of Life Magic [Book of the Unicorn].
You destroy a Bronze Rod of Sleep Monster.
You destroy a Fauchard (1d25).
You destroy a Redwood Staff of Perception.
You destroy a Robe [2].
You destroy a Zweihander (4d6).
You destroy a Haramakido [17].
You destroy a Sling (x2).
You destroy a Scroll titled "orgarg asharg" of Protection from Evil.
You destroy 28 Bolts (1d10).
You destroy an Aluminium Rod of Cold Balls.
You destroy a Book of Death Magic [Black Mass].
You destroy Bar Chain Mail [18].
You destroy a Bo Staff (1d20).
You destroy a Two-Handed Flail (3d6).
You destroy a Fur Cloak [3].
You destroy Mithril Plate Mail [35].
You destroy a Zweihander (4d6).
You destroy a Large Metal Shield [8].
You destroy an O-yoroi [24].
You have a Pair of Metal Shod Boots [6] (t).
You destroy a Brown Speckled Potion of Cure Critical Wounds.
You destroy Blue Dragon Scale Mail [30].
You destroy a Spinel Ring of Shard Resistance.
You destroy Rusty Chain Mail [14].
You destroy Augmented Chain Mail [16].
You destroy 30 Seeker Arrows (1d20) (73/73).
You destroy a Book of Trump Magic [Trumps of Doom].
You destroy a Lance (1d17).
You destroy a Nickel-Plated Rod of Light.
You have 12 Orange Potions of Restore Mana (a).
You have 6 Puce Potions of Restore Life Levels (b).
In your pack: a Pair of Metal Shod Boots [6,+10] (t).
You destroy a Pair of Metal Shod Boots [6,+10].
There are no more Pairs of Metal Shod Boots [6,+10].

Posted on 26.12.2002 02:42
Last updated on 30.12.2002 20:14

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On 26.12.2002 02:42 wrote:
I was very unlucky finding lightresi....

On 26.12.2002 15:42 wrote:
Still no Light resi but some other nice things.. ;)

On 26.12.2002 20:42 wrote:
Just got the 3rd Life Book and some other important stuff =)

On 30.12.2002 15:21 wrote:
Highelf Mindcrafter this time..

On 30.12.2002 20:55 wrote:
very nais :P

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