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You enter a maze of down staircases. Smaug the Golden lives in this                            
level as the keeper of Lonely Mountain.                                            LEVEL     29
                                                                                   EXP    36.0k
                                                                                   AU     77.9k
                                                                                   STR :     12
                                                                                   INT :  18/97
                                                                                   WIS :  18/40
                                                                                   DEX :  18/40
                                                                                   CON :     11
                           p                                                       CHR :     10
                                                                                   AC       119
                               D                                                   HP  192/ 192
                                                                                   SP  151/ 157
                                        #.#  T   D     D                                       
                                        #.# TT  DD     DD                          Fast (+2)   
                                        #.#TT TDDDDDDDDDDD                         Study (24)  
                                        #@# TT TDD     DD                                      
                                        #.# T    D     D                                       
                                        #D.        TTTTT TTT                                   
Lonely Mountain: L40                           Elec Fire Cold Telepa                           

I think it might be time to leave...

Posted on 29.5.2017 20:15

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