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The Dark Sword 'Mormegil' (E:11380618, L:50) (6d7) (+32,+11) [-20](100%) (+5 to        
Swords are melee weapons.                                                              
A strange, very sharp long sword, which seems to drain light from its surroundings. As 
you wield it, you feel much less attuned to magic.                                     
A foul, twisted sword with blackened spines and knobs, whose very name is a curse upon 
the lips of Elves and Men.                                                             
It is sentient and can have access to the realms of Cold, Lightning, Poison,           
Antimagic.  It generates an antimagic field.  It increases your charisma, speed and    
attack speed by 5.  It increases your hit points by 100%.  It does extra damage from   
electricity, fire and frost.  It poisons your foes.  It drains life from your foes.    
It is especially deadly against dragons.  It strikes at demons with holy wrath.  It    
fights against evil with holy fury.  It provides immunity to fire.  It makes you       
completely fearless.  It provides resistance to electricity, fire, chaos and           
disenchantment.  It slows your metabolism.  It produces an electric sheath.  It        
produces an anti-magic shell.  It drains mana, life and experience.  It induces random 
teleportation.  It aggravates nearby creatures.  It carries an ancient foul curse.  It 
cannot be harmed by acid, cold, lightning or fire.                                     
Using it you would have 28 blows and do an average damage per turn of 4508 against     
evil creatures, 5180 against dragons, 5180 against demons, 5180 against non fire       
resistant creatures, 7196 against fire susceptible creatures, 5180 against non cold    
resistant creatures, 7196 against cold susceptible creatures, 5180 against non         
lightning resistant creatures, 7196 against lightning susceptible creatures, 5180      
against non poison resistant creatures, 7196 against poison susceptible creatures,     
3836 against other monsters.                                                           
You found it lying in a vault on level 62 of Erebor.                                   
Full                                             Fast (+22)                Lothlorien  

Perfect Mormegil?
I don't know what to say, and I'm almost embarrassed to post this screen shot. I am simply on the greatest run of luck possible in ToME, and I may never play the game again after this. In addition to all the powers you can see, I also gained an increase in my Antimagic field strength--I don't know if it was 10% or 20%, but considering the way my luck is running... The funny/sad part of this character is that I have a lot of trouble keeping my life at maximum. My hp start each level at 50%, and sometimes I see I only have a sliver or two left, but...oh, wait, I still have 800. I look more like an Alchemist than an Unbeliever.

Posted on 26.7.2005 00:15

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On 26.7.2005 00:39 wrote:
Not sure what you mean by strengthened Anti-magic field.. care to explain?

On 26.7.2005 00:46 wrote:
The Wiki at has a full explanation, but in short one of the Antimagic realm powers is that the weapon gains an antimagic field. That power is listed as cumulative with the natural darksword field, so Mormegil (which naturally generates a field with a 50% fail rate at level 50) gains another 10 or 20% through this power. That boost means that you can have higher hit/dam values on Mormegil without dropping below 100% spell fail rate. If I got the 20% boost, then once you factor in the hit/dam values on Mormegil, my antimagic field causes spell failure 97% of the time (87% if I only got the 10%).

If you have more basic questions about antimagic, you should check out

On 26.7.2005 13:57 wrote:
Twenty. Eight. Blows. Oh my. And I'm guessing you have somewhere around 2200 hit points. That's sick. ;-)

On 26.7.2005 14:51 wrote:
Did you realize that you can slay Sauron in 3 rounds of melee attacks even though you don't have acid branding? That just insane.

I think this incarnation of Mormegil is probably superior to the Long Sword of Eternity, making it arguably the best melee weapon ever and Zilannx arguably the powerful totally legit melee character ever.

On 26.7.2005 16:25 wrote:
Actually I have 2900 hp, and I think it took a few more than 3 rounds to kill Sauron because of his high AC (he was on Mt. Doom, so I parked him, tossed the ring, then killed him). And I'm diggin' all the compliments--gives me a warm fuzzy. :) Elliot946 has already seen my dump, but y'all should go check it out to see my truly sick gear--gear I plan on improving, BTW. Zilannx will be my first Void winner...or the RNG will have its revenge. Who knows?

On 26.7.2005 23:31 HektorLorenzo(at) wrote:
Your +Dam could be higher. Hehehe. &)) Nope, your sword isr really, really nice, yes it is.

On 28.7.2005 04:03 wrote:
The Tome wiki has been updated with some realm probabilities. If you've got three low realms already, the chance of getting antimagic is 1 in 1400.

On 28.7.2005 06:16 wrote:
Thanks for the info, although I already knew (approximately) how unlikely it was. Just out of curiosity, who posted this?

On 12.9.2006 06:58 wrote:
Imagine if you did get acid...Sauron woul be almost instakilled...thats nuts

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