The Angband Ladder: Diesel Dragon, Automaton Rogue by <>

  [Steamband 0.4.0 Character Dump]

 Name   Diesel Dragon                            Self  abcdefghijkl@   Best
 Sex    Female         Age           101  MUS:    402  ....s.*.*..*.   742
 Race   Automaton      Height         72  AGI:    375  .2..*.....**.   745
 Class  Rogue          Weight        230  VIG:    543  ....*.*.*....   893
 Title  Mistress Thief Status         22  SCH:    297  ..88.8.*.*...   747
 WP     -22/164        MaxDepth Lab Lv   9EGO:     99  ...8.....*...   289
 SP     460/460        Preserve        Y  CHR:    204  .........*...   314

 Level           50       Armor   [196,+178]     Saving Throw      Very Good
 Cur Exp   66815050       Blows       8/turn     Stealth       Legendary[5+]
 Max Exp   66815050       Shots       1/turn     Fighting      Legendary[5+]
 Adv Exp   ********       Infra        30 ft     Shooting      Legendary[5+]
                                                 Disarming      Legendary[4]
          Stat     Skill     Weap.     Total     Magic Device         Superb
 Melee (+18,+15)   (+0,+0)   (+0,+0) (+78,+67)   Perception    Legendary[5+]
 Shoot  (+18,+0)   (+1,+0) (+36,+45)(+115,+45)   Searching     Legendary[5+]

     You are a robot. You are made from titanium. You were given
     intelligence by your creator. You have glass circles for
     eyes, a blocky torso, and a cylindrical head.

  [Resists & Abilities]

   Critical:.............   Fthr Fall:...........+.   Hvy Curse:.............
   Vampiric:.............   Telepathy:.............    Mutation:.............
      Throw:.............   See Invis:...+.....+...    No Magic:....+........
     Vorpal:.............    Free Act:...+.......+.   No Teleprt.............
     Return:.............   Wraithfrm:.............    Drain SP:.............
  Frce Brnd:.............   Hold Life:............+    Drain HP:.............
  Fire Brnd:.............     Reflect:.............     Disrupt:.............
  Elec Brnd:.............   Invisible:.............   Drn Items:.............
  Ice Brand:.............   Res Confu:...++..+.....   Drn   Exp:.............
  Acid Brnd:.............   Res Blind:............+    Teleport:.............
  Psn. Brnd:.............    Res Fear:...++........   Aggravate:.............
  Fire :139%..+-++++++++++  Acid :152%..+-++++.+++++  Light:80% ...-+++..+++..
  Erth :139%..+-++++++++++  Poisn:227%..+-++++....++  Dark :80% ...-+++..+++..
  Air  :159%..+-++++++++++  Time :88% ...+++..++-+..  Psi  :222%...++++.......
  Water:139%..+-++++++++++  Ether:111%...++++..+++..  Tk   :135%...++++..+++..
  Elec :117%..+-+++.++++++  Sound:36% ...-+++..+++..  Spirt:222%...++++.......
  Ice  :117%..+-+++.++++++  Nethr:111%...++++..+++..
            abcdefghijkl@*            abcdefghijkl@*            abcdefghijkl@*
             }=="~[([]]]               }=="~[([]]]               }=="~[([]]]

  [Last Messages]

> The Nazi Panther Tank ignores the attack.
> * low hitpoint warning! *
> The Nazi Panther Tank fires a rocket!
> The Nazi Panther Tank ignores the attack.
> * low hitpoint warning! *
> Your wounds hurt.
> * low hitpoint warning! *
> You have 92 Steel Aeroscope Mechanisms of Etheric Travel (c).
> The Nazi Panther Tank fires a rocket!
> * low hitpoint warning! *
> The Nazi Panther Tank fires a rocket!
> You die.


   Disarming Traps 20
   Disable Machine 20
     Assassination 20
             Theft 20
      Master Theft  9
           Stealth 20
      Superstealth 20
         Searching  5
         Keen Eyes  1
    Systems Cypher 20
    Utility Cypher 20
   Neophyte Combat 20
   Standard Combat  1
   Accurate Strike  1
        Swift Blow  1
      Martial Arts 20
 Eagle Strike Arts 20
  Dragon Claw Arts 20
 Neophyte Firearms  1
     Critical Shot  1
     Accurate Shot  1
          Throwing  1
    Critical Throw  1
 Throwing Accuracy  1
            Swords  1
           Daggers  1
        Acrobatics 20
         Iron Skin 20
    The Gentle Way 20
         Fleetness 20
    Dirty Fighting 20
   Ninja Mysticism 20
     Ninja Stealth 20
          Ninjutsu 20
             Latin  1
       Occult Lore  1
      Ritual Magic  1
      Spirituality  1
     Tempered Will  1
          Sabotage 20
         Gadgeteer  1
 Utility Bandolier  1
        Velocipede  1
   Analytic Engine  1
     Using Devices  6
  Advanced Devices 10
 Device Efficiency  1
  Device Power Amp  1
    Device Bio Amp  1
         Toughness 20

  [Steamware & Mutations]

 You can evade monsters more effectively for a time. 
 You can move to anywhere you can see. 

  [Character Equipment]

b) an Elephant Gun of Precision (x3) (+36,+45) <+2> {mouth cannon}
c) The Ring of Edison <+8>
d) The Ring of Dr. Materialismus <+8, +5>
e) The Nautilus of Captain Nemo <+12, +7, +2>
f) The Pocket Lantern of Sherlock Holmes [4] <+8, +4> {pilot light}
g) a Cavorite Torso (Overclocked) [80,+18] <+11, +14> {hull}
h) a Shadow Cloak of the Chemist [6,+28] <+10, -1> {paintcoat}
i) The Bull's Tail of the Pharoahs (+5,+10) [5,+40] <+12, +5, +1> {paintcoa
j) a Cavorite Head of Target Acquisition (+31,+0) [35,+17] <+3, +11>
k) a Pair of Cavorite Arms (Overclocked) (+0,+12) [40,+10] <+12, +12> {fore
l) a Pair of Titanium Legs with Vectored Exhaust [30,+26] <+20, +11> {hindl

  [Character Inventory]

a) an Enigmatic Device [Analytic Engine] {brain}
b) 93 Flasks of oil {fuel tank}
c) 92 Steel Aeroscope Mechanisms of Etheric Travel
d) 22 Martian Heliodyne Mechanisms of *Destruction* {!*}
e) 49 Tin-Plated Radioton Mechanisms of *Repair* Kit
f) a Portal Generator of Returning {!*}
g) a Ruhmkorff
h) a Physiological Rejuvinator {maitenance kit}
i) a Space-flux inhibitor
j) 4 Steel-Plated Ray Guns of Fire (53 charges) {fire breath weapon}
k) 5 Zinc Ray Guns of Voltage (70 charges) {eye lasers?!?}
l) 5 Tungsten Ray Guns of Tachyon Generation (83 charges) {time machine}
m) 3 Ivory Ray Guns of Clamour (40 charges) {synthesizer}
n) a Pair of Aluminium Legs (Enameled) [5,+33] <+15, +10, +9> {hindlimbs}
o) a Pair of Titanium Legs with Vectored Exhaust [30,+30] <+20, +10> {hindl
p) a Moonstone Ring of Slaying (+20,+23) {rending claws}
q) 2 Viridigen Rings of Celerity <+14> {frictionless joints}
r) a Granite Ring of Health <+11> {core furnace}
s) a Silver Amulet of Shadow <+7> {cloaking device}
t) an Azure Amulet of the Magi [+7] <+7>
u) a Pick (1d3|2) (+16,+18) <+15> {mining claws}
v) a Sawed-Off Shotgun (Pearl Handled) (x3) (+30,+29) <+3> {mouth cannon}

  [Home Inventory]

a Viridigen Ring of Celerity <+10> {frictionless joints}
The Ring of Tesla <+12> {cursed}
The Ring of Field Generation <+6, +20> {cursed}
The Amulet of Arbaces <+10, +3, +8>
The Mystical Amulet of John Dee <+10, +4, +6>
The Pectoral of the Kheper (Scarab) [+22] <+5>
The Locket of Madame Defarge <+8, +2, -4>
The Electric Lamp of Edison [3] {pilot light}
The Fluorescent Photic Illuminator of Tesla [5] <+5, +18, -10> {cursed}
a Tweed Suit of the Mercurial Engine (-1,+0) [16,+46] <+7, +2>
The Robe of Emma the Djinn Princess [2,+23] <+6, +2, +1>
The Tweed Jacket of Sexton Blake [11,+30] <+4, +2>
The Deerstalker of Sherlock Holmes [8,+20] <+8, +4>
The Bowler of Inspector Bucket [4,+10] <+6, +2>
The Mask 'Le Loup Blanc' [0,+12] <+12, +5, +1>
The Green-tinted Glasses of Auguste Dupin [8,+8] <+8, +4>
The Crown of Isis [0,+35] <+10, +5>
The Eye of Ra [0,+32] <+10>
The Set of Gloves of Puck (+7,+9) [8,+4] <+6>
The Pair of Buttoned Boots of Hans Bjelke [5,+20] <+10, +5, +1>
a Pneumatic Axe of Power (3d8|7) (+18,+18) [-10] <+7, +2>
a Dagger of the Ryls (1d4|0) (+23,+30) <+3>
The Hammer of John Henry (12d3|3) (+8,+23) <+15, +6>
The .32 Revolver of Mauser (x2) (+20,+20) <+2>


Adult: Preserve artifacts when leaving level : yes (adult_preserve)
Adult: Restrict the use of stairs/recall     : no  (adult_ironman)
Adult: Restrict the use of stores/home       : no  (adult_no_stores)
Adult: Restrict creation of artifacts        : no  (adult_no_artifacts)
Adult: Randomize some of the artifacts (beta): no  (adult_rand_artifacts)
Score: Peek into object creation             : no  (score_peek)
Score: Peek into monster creation            : no  (score_hear)
Score: Peek into dungeon creation            : no  (score_room)
Score: Peek into something else              : no  (score_xtra)
Score: Know complete monster info            : no  (score_know)
Score: Allow player to avoid death           : no  (score_live)

Posted on 17.7.2006 08:13
Last updated on 3.8.2006 13:24

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2. on the Steamband Ladder (of 318)
Second best for this player (out of 11)


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On 17.7.2006 08:13 wrote:
Picture a cross between several construction vehicles and a dragon. Rrrrumble. A little anachronistic but I couldn't think of any better alliterations. (Feel free to suggest some.) Anyhow, some history on this one: Picked a difficult quest immediately; it was for 10 fives of hearts on depth 50! Lucky I had roguelike stealth so I could pick them off one by one, instead of the pairs they spawned in. Next was M-A Production Unit V only a few levels below; I took him out in two blows, then ran away madly from the automata he produced. On the same level I found an awesome mace; so early in the game yet it can sell for 11k! I think I'll keep it, though. It's in my home, check it out. Also of interest is that I've found four rings of resist fire but no others, and my current quest looks like a doozy...

On 17.7.2006 10:33 wrote:
Update! Kinda. I still haven't fallen the Marquis but at least my equipment is better. The first time I went onto his level he was in a room away from any doorways and I was unable to make him move by waiting around the room entrance, and when I stepped in I was promptly shotgun'd twice. Ow.

On 17.7.2006 10:49 wrote:
Okay, he just fired his shotgun at me, from off the screen, three times in a row. Dropping the quest, this is unneccesarily dangerous.

On 17.7.2006 12:43 wrote:
Just general improvement here. Ditched the overly-hard Marquis quest for something that should be much easier to finish.

On 18.7.2006 01:11 wrote:
Quite nice so far; good line-up of skills and abilities. Should be interesting to see where the run goes. The Marquis can be quite a punisher, huh? I like your inscriptions, as a side note.

On 18.7.2006 10:52 wrote:
Slowly improving. Got see invisible now, which is nice, and systems cypher is high enough for the resistances. (And I still have that awesome mace which I found only a few levels in.)

On 18.7.2006 11:34 wrote:
General Zaroff fell on level 38 for a quest. He shot his rifle at me from across a room, and by luck my mechanism of phase door plunked me right next to him; he beat away at me but I beat back harder and won out. The reward seemed abnormally low but oh well. I now have aerobatics maxed so I can blink at demand (cool), I have see invisible from equipment so that frees a ring slot (also cool), I snagged a Portal Generator of Returning from the black market (very cool) and my new quest is 'special'. Ooh, now I can't wait.

On 18.7.2006 13:10 wrote:
Ooh, ooh! Greater vault 'Roundabout Three' sighted on level 36! Big update this time. Many levels were gain, many uniques slain, many turns spent agonizing over how much of the loot was cursed crud that I had to identify so. In the end, though, I came out with 12 books, including the best (afaik) in the whole dungeon which overall netted 20 yummy skill points, an light source that never runs out that I've welded to the inside of my mouth, a nice artifact amulet (welded that to the bottom of my neck for now), got pretty much an entirely new set of body parts (including these snazzy vectorized exhaust hindlegs), a nice starry coat of paint, a pneumatic shovel to attach over my foreclaw and an engine muffler (ring of stealth). With system cypher activated none of the mundane elements except ice can really harm me (I have a staggering 198% air res). Pretty much the only downsides to this whole expedition is that I still lack regeneration and an Avarice time bolted me and sapped 94 (!) agility points. Dang. I'm not stopping now, though!

On 18.7.2006 13:12 wrote:
Heh, when I drop a gold ray gun outside my home it looks like a wind-up key for a clockwork toy. Okay, back to dungeon-diving.

On 18.7.2006 14:21 wrote:
Updated because I finished a quest. Not very spectacular, though; only 3 skill points. I've got a more impressive-looking gun to call my own, another +2 stealth on my equipment and that's pretty much it.

On 19.7.2006 08:03 wrote:
An impressive steam construct, indeed! You're an exemplar of the New Age of Progress! Good job beating on Zaroff, he has a nasty tendancy to out-snipe poor, defenseless gentlemen...

It sounds like your quests haven't been as rewarding as they should be, but that's most likely due to the annoying tendancy of the librarians to assume that you aren't as smart as they are, and give you less then premium training.

Awesome resistances, keep an eye out and see if you can find something that gives you a bonus to ether. It isn't vital, but those Ether Stalkers can be atrocious at later levels. Good luck!

On 19.7.2006 09:07 wrote:
Heh, yes, I'm aware of the dangers of Ether Stalkers, one of my ancestors having been smacked in the face by one of them. My exceptional abilities in the field of blinking up to something silently and clobbering it over the head should keep me safe, but I'll look out nevertheless.

On 19.7.2006 09:28 wrote:
Quest and a level up. 5 skill points from the level, 5 from the quest. Nothing else to report.

On 22.7.2006 03:59 wrote:
Did a quest, leveled up some, unlocked The Gentle Way, got a cool gun. Cool.

On 22.7.2006 14:37 wrote:
Update! While diving I found lotsa books (at least 9!) and sold them for quite a promising gain; I also found a horde of Jikinki (I love these; they're so easy yet drop tons of stuff to sift through); one dropped a new artifact light, which I welded in in place of my previous one; it shines several more feet away, which always feels nice. In addition, I've installed a new torso; I feel stronger already! Regeneration, at last!

On 22.7.2006 15:24 wrote:
Went through two vaults and a quest; got Fleetness just in time to have it maxed before level 50. I found some nice overclocked arms, and a torso. A torso with ROCKETS on it. Cool!

On 24.7.2006 11:00 wrote:
Found the Physiological Rejuvenator! Yes! Also got an artifact to apply as my paint coat (the bull's tail) and several more points of speed. I'm also altering my monster.raw file; so far all I've added is Mother Hen, a beefed up version of Rooster Cogs with S_KIN. Can't wait to meet her in battle. :) Wondering what else I should put, perhaps a Steam-Powered Rex?

On 30.7.2006 01:36 wrote:
Well, I realized I haven't updated the dump in a I am! Nearly finished now! Hp broke 1000, with Systems Cypher speed is maxed out at +89, resistances are over 100% for every element except time, sound, light and dark, HP's broken 1000, got every skill I'll need...all I need to do now is dive!

On 30.7.2006 03:54 wrote:
I think I'm ready now...Systems Cypher and the Nautilus activated, only elemental weaknesses are sound, light and dark, free act/rConf/rFear, speed's still at a high +86, HP's over 1100, I only have one thing to do now... *rumble, chuff* Think I can make it? ...I wonder what people on the surface are like...

On 30.7.2006 04:17 HallucinationMushroom@Yahoo.egg wrote:
Good luck. As far as surface dwellers go... it's best to bring presents. Ale, fine wine, mushrooms of confusion and hallucination work best.

On 30.7.2006 04:43 wrote:
Did it! The two bosses were surprisingly weak; they gave me no trouble at all (while phase automata, on the other hand, give me trouble all the time; eww, 1000 hp death missiles). Amusingly, I somehow made it to level 1 before identifying a mechanism of Object Detection...anyhow, speaking of challenges, there's an automata/construct pit on the level, wish me luck...

On 30.7.2006 08:03 wrote:
Exploring this lab I found above the surface, only the phase automata seem to be any problem; you'd think the missile sentries and tanks would be too, but they never seem to wake up...oh, I finally identified steam ray guns (however that works). My equipment seems to be stable, but I'm hoping for an improvement to stumble across sooner as opposed to later...

On 31.7.2006 11:56 wrote:
Useable loot is hard to find once you're this powerful; I got a slightly better paint coat (cloak) and mining implement but that's it so far. (Wasn't even pneumatic...) Also finally ID'd ring of resist poison and potion of boldness. In addition, I've been keeping track of horridly cursed items; some highlights so far are a 1-45 vulnerability cloak (aggravates), -9 speed boots, -10 speed ring, -28 ring of damage. I feel like adding adding more top-end monsters to my game to make things more interesting; I added Bridget's Rhinocerous and Bengal Tiger, and I'm thinking of making an Ancient Steam-Powered Dragon.

On 3.8.2006 13:24 wrote:
Here lies the battered hull of Diesel Dragon on Lab Level 9, who took one too many risks with a construct pit full of Nazi Panther Tanks and Ancient Steam-Mecha Dragons (which are, unfortunately, diggers) and had bad luck with the etheric travel mechanism. Construct pits are nasty things.

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