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The Feanorian Lamp 'Corvus' (-5 to infravision) {cursed, If;HlTeTy[M}          
Shadow-Fairy        Item Attributes:                                           
Immaculate     It provides light (radius 3) forever.                           
LEVEL     20   It affects your infravision.                                    
EXP     1697   It provides resistance to life draining.                        
AU        54   It produces an anti-magic shell.                                
|     ~[   ]   It is permanently cursed.                                       
STR :  18/59   It carries an ancient foul curse.                               
INT :      7   It induces random teleportation.                                
WIS :  18/10   It cannot be harmed by the elements.                            
DEX :  18/71   [Press any key to continue]                                     
CON :     17                                                                   
CHR :     10                                                                   
Cur AC    25                                                                   
HP  187/ 187                                                                   
SP   46/  46                                                                   
Day  3 12:31                                                                   
Some Reward
I almost never identify the reward from The Sewer quest, but now it seems I need to start doing this. With Permanent Curse, Ancient Foul Curse and Anti-magic, this is pretty much a suicide. (In fact, prior to suicide I went into wizard mode to *id* ... That's cheating, but makes for a better screen dump the 'a Feanorian Lamp {Terrible}'). Ah well, 22 minutes wasted!

Posted on 15.5.2012 15:47


On 15.5.2012 16:18 wrote:
At least you didn't put off the quest until later!

On 15.5.2012 18:10 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
At least you didn't wear this Feanorian Lamp UN-IDed!!

On 15.5.2012 19:01 chris wrote:
No! I did!!

You wear the Feanorian Lamp.
Ooops! It feels deathly cold.

On 15.5.2012 20:39 Djabanete wrote:
In Vanilla Town mode, I once wielded an un-ID'd cursed Feanorian Lamp that had XP drain on it... I was too low-level to keep up with the draining. Another suicide character. I always ID those lamps...

On 15.5.2012 21:21 chris wrote:
Ha! But at least they have cool names these days :D

On 16.5.2012 12:03 Arjen wrote:
Can't you make an option to amputate the limb with the perma cursed item? ;) Just chop of the arm holding the damn light/finger. Maybe disable the option to amputate your own head. :D

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