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1Surrounded by *many* Dark elven warlocks!!Chengband26.7.2013 02:00HugoTheGreat2011317
2Not bored anymore...Chengband25.7.2013 03:48HugoTheGreat2011283
3The Dagger (Narya)Chengband22.7.2013 04:35kingvictory2003297
4Tengu dancing is banned!Chengband21.7.2013 07:47HugoTheGreat2011320
5Who is Nami, the Mate?Chengband2.7.2013 02:21HugoTheGreat2011347
6Blood CursesChengband1.7.2013 02:18clouded336
7Found the source of LawChengband27.6.2013 16:43Arjen284
8Luck has nothing to do with this!Chengband15.5.2013 12:19Arjen331
9[PosChangband] Camelot inheritance?Chengband17.3.2013 03:21HugoTheGreat2011407
10Ripped OffChengband8.10.2012 23:13chris613
11Mauler Power (Grond)Chengband5.10.2012 23:52chris482
12Mauler Power RevealedChengband5.10.2012 23:21chris301
13The other merchant power...Chengband1.10.2012 02:00dzhang369
14Jack in the Box!Chengband18.9.2012 01:57chris620
15Kill 7 Metal Babble, right...Chengband5.9.2012 12:54Arjen485
16Woof!Chengband1.9.2012 17:39finanfiniras@gmail.com315
17Battle of Thieves!Chengband29.8.2012 17:59chris446
18A-mazedChengband29.8.2012 10:34Roch308
19Explosive PitChengband13.8.2012 19:54finanfiniras@gmail.com340
20Mauler ... Take 2Chengband8.8.2012 16:11chris478
21Horrible Visions of DeathChengband29.7.2012 19:27chris430
22Wealth Beyond My Wildest DreamsChengband22.7.2012 13:35chris515
23How to Kill 23 Venom WyrmsChengband20.6.2012 02:16chris592
24Greedy or Stupid?Chengband19.5.2012 02:14chris566
25Death by dinosaurChengband18.5.2012 06:31Therem Harth510
26Yeek KillerChengband18.5.2012 06:24Therem Harth405
27Killer YeekChengband18.5.2012 06:15Therem Harth384
28Some RewardChengband15.5.2012 15:47chris418
29Grond vs Iron BallChengband14.5.2012 18:13chris569
30Because a Single Morgoth is Never Enough!Chengband14.5.2012 18:10chris601
31First to FallChengband14.5.2012 05:41chris510
32Oh My!Chengband14.5.2012 05:39chris506
33Splatter Woes!Chengband14.5.2012 01:44chris504
34I want that Two-Handed Sword of Force!!Chengband13.5.2012 00:44HugoTheGreat2011530
35Water Troll hunting we go!Chengband12.5.2012 23:11HugoTheGreat2011386
36Not sure what the Morivant mayor is going to think of this...Chengband7.5.2012 20:16dzhang428
3768 blows in 1 round!Chengband6.5.2012 00:14dzhang513
38Perfect Setup!!Chengband4.5.2012 20:28chris516
39Hellish VictoryChengband1.5.2012 21:15chris528
40Devilish TacticsChengband1.5.2012 20:58chris358
41Bargain of a LifetimeChengband1.5.2012 14:44chris487
42Infinite ManaChengband27.4.2012 15:48chris384
43Madness! (Last one, I promise!)Chengband24.4.2012 11:26dzhang562
44Madness accuracyChengband23.4.2012 21:54dzhang504
45This is madness! (Death Scythe artifact)Chengband23.4.2012 21:49dzhang466
46Great Ice Wyrms!!!Chengband19.4.2012 14:25chris347
47A Matter of TimeChengband10.4.2012 14:16chris408
48No Selling WoesChengband5.4.2012 16:50chris458
49ProgressChengband30.3.2012 22:10chris334
50Babble instakill!Chengband22.3.2012 11:16finanfiniras@gmail.com395

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